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conscript into (something)

To draft one into the armed forces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conscript" and "into." Young people fear that they will be conscripted into service if these tensions explode into all-out war.
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conscript someone into something

to call someone into military service; to draft someone. The war-torn country was even conscripting children into the army. Fred was conscripted into the army.
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Total conscripts (TSK and gendarmerie) -- around 453,440
consumer approach to the conscript personnel", - he said and added that various diseases beyond cure and avoked diseases were the
The 2nd Infantry Brigade accepted more than 400 conscripts, including about ten young women.
"Nearly every day each conscript faces bullying; each day and night of my service was a nightmare.
The opera-style parody Les Militaribles was made by 80 young conscripts for $900 and has become an internet sensation.
the health of conscripts, Seyran Ohanyan, Defense Minister of Armenia, told media, Friday.
After attending a medical, all conscripts had six weeks of basic training during which they got used to military life.
In one instance a young conscript was hospitalized after he tried to hang himself.
Hard-pressed to find enough food or to ward off brutal beatings from their fellow soldiers, conscripts resorted to selling weapons and ammunition to the Chechens whom they were fighting.
In the 1950s, I served abroad in the Middle East in the army as a conscript. In those days, at the age of 18 you were directed to attend a 'medical examination' at a centre in Newcastle.
Mr Symes must have been seen off at the NAAFI queue by a conscript. Even Victory had pressed men, Mr Symes, do you condemn them as well?
Mr Jones said: "It is surprising that the contributions of so many conscript workers have never been recognised."
When conscript officers catch him, his wife pleads that she and her son will starve without his presence.
A conscript is a person liable to service in the Defence Forces who is called up to perform the conscript service obligation.