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conscript into (something)

To draft one into the armed forces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conscript" and "into." Young people fear that they will be conscripted into service if these tensions explode into all-out war.
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conscript someone into something

to call someone into military service; to draft someone. The war-torn country was even conscripting children into the army. Fred was conscripted into the army.
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The 2nd Infantry Brigade accepted more than 400 conscripts, including about ten young women.
Ninety-two soldiers said they were forced to perform extremely difficult physical activities, while 94 conscripts complained that they were threatened.
The opera-style parody Les Militaribles was made by 80 young conscripts for $900 and has become an internet sensation.
After attending a medical, all conscripts had six weeks of basic training during which they got used to military life.
In 2009, the need for conscripts soared and the conscript target number more than doubled from that of 2008.
A conscript officer complained to his superior that "it will take a large force to right this parish.
During the conscript service, the new environment regulated daily routine, deprivation from the family, increased emotional and physical tension--all have its impact.
After that war ended, the nation's senior generals devised a military structure called the "total force" concept to circumvent two of the great moral hazards they identified with Vietnam: the failure to mobilize the nation, with all of its strata and segments, for the war; and the reliance on young American conscripts, who were coerced by the state to kill or be killed.
Dr Bet-El charts the progress of the conscript from his initial medical examination (a process which grew less exacting as demands for manpower increased), through the loss of identity entailed in the wearing of uniform and communal living, basic training, the journey to France in a troopship, continuation training, often in the notorious Bull Ring at Etaples, to the front itself.
In 1994, Hungary reduced conscript time to 12 months, and again in 1997 to nine months.
Police are trying to locate a 19-year-old conscript who has been missing since last Wednesday and who is believed to be in Istanbul.
Young people not fit for military conscript service due to their health will soon have to complete civilian conscript service lasting from 1214 months if a plan that has been in the making at the Estonian Interior Ministry for two years is carried out, Postimees newspaper said.
A non-commissioned police officer was shot dead on Tuesday dawn by a police conscript in the Garden City district of Cairo, adjacent to Qasr Al-Eini Street, the Ministry of Interior said in an official statement following the incident.
A conscript can be enlisted in one of the various arms and branches of the Egyptian Army, the Egyptian Air Defence Forces or the Egyptian Navy.
Mirzoyev was a conscript in Tajikistan's Border Service, which is managed by the State Committee for National Security.