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Over a millennium before the European colonialist onslaught--whichever powers brought them to Africa's shores: Ulu, Ogun, the irascible and jealous Jehovah of missionary Christianity, or whatever spirit animates conscienceless and rapacious greed--we were all beseeched by the messages of the Gnostic Gospels hidden in the sands of Nag Hammadi:
He does not add that there would be plenty of room for scoundrels, opportunists, and conscienceless careerists of a different stripe.
This association of goodness, purity, and ethical judgment with Hildds Christianity and "defilement," "evil," and conscienceless passivity with the Japanese sensibility, however, could lead some to argue that the source of moral compromise implicit in these war crimes lies in the very nature of this Japanese sensibility.
Too many police officers forget what it's like to be at the mercy of an armed, conscienceless criminal--when he himself is unarmed.
As Spolsky (1997) stated, "we must make sure that gatekeeping processes remain under responsible and challengeable human control and not be relegated to the automatic and conscienceless power of mechanical self-propelling tests" (p.
It turned out that the "market did not know any better" as they said, was ruled by greed and ran by conscienceless speculators who proved what we already know: the largest robberies are carried out in broad daylight.
Also the introduction of harvesting machines will make this accusation superfluous and obsolete as far as work ethics is concerned; no slavery to conscienceless machines!
There is a perfectly sound book to be written about Shakespeare's changing religious views, from his early Creationism and endorsement of the Great Chain of Being to his reluctantly evolving, horrified sense (stimulated by such conscienceless villains as Iago and Edmund) that there may be nothing transcendent in the universe beyond Nature.
It would be absurd to suppose that a group of conscienceless people, acting wrongfully in a coordinated way, with all their wills concerted, would be exempt from guilt if none of them felt any guilt, either individual or collective.
Moreover, he felt that to do business with "a crafty, unprincipled, conscienceless, murderous group" would compromise American principles.
It should rather be called compulsory freedom; for here the State exercises force against the folly and indolence of the conscienceless parents who would leave their children to grow up like mushrooms....
It is written for readers who are committed to the general positions of the Left--the tacit assumption being that only the Left has ever offered anything worth criticizing, and that the Right is concerned with little more than greed and hypocrisy and the naked exercise of conscienceless power by unaccountable elites.
In this fast-paced, blow-'em-up, smash'em-up sci-fi adventure, planets are being destroyed by a conscienceless savage creature called "The Ghost of Destruction." Enter the young refugee Snow, a mysterious boy with a scarred face.
Walter cannot be both a law-abiding citizen and a conscienceless, cold-blooded murderer.
Such activity was said to be carried out by "unscrupulous," "conscienceless," and "irresponsible" organizers who were selfishly motivated to "obtain numerical results" at any cost.