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connive at (something)

To plot or conspire about something. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conniving at something!
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connive at (something) with (one)

To plot or conspire with one about something. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conniving at something with each other! It turns out the company had connived at a major tax-evasion plan with other corporations from around the world.
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connive with (one)

To plot or conspire with one (about something). What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conniving with each other! I bet the CEO connived with the head of HR to have Tom removed.
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connive at something (with someone)

 and connive (at something) with someone
to scheme at something (with someone); to plot something (with someone). Are you conniving at something with Ronald? Are you and Ronald conniving with Tom at something I should know about? Stop conniving with people!
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There was also Gary Cole as the calm-and-collected forensics expert involved in a cat-and-mouse courtship with partner Diane Lockhart (Baranski); Martha Plimpton as a conniving opposing counsel who uses her infant as a courtroom prop; and Nathan Lane as a tough-love accountant given the thankless job of bringing order to the firm's balance sheet.
having to rely on a diving and conniving petulant so and so.
Summary: DUBAI - Legitimate manpower recruitment agencies in Manila found guilty of conniving with employers and their local counterparts in UAE in cheating Filipino workers will face court cases and will be issued preventive suspension orders.
In order to prove his love, Tristan agrees to bring Victoria a fallen star as a birthday present and he crosses the wall into the realm of Stormhold, where Prince Septimus and conniving hag Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) also seek the fallen celestial body.
In this episode, the cyber-bird Digit must team up with the conniving Wicked to save his friends who are stuck in a cyber-vortex.
Flanked by co-workers as flamboyant, frosty, ill-tempered, conniving, or vapid as any reality show cast, Tucker is sucked in with them on increasingly surreal adventures, from being stranded on a deserted island to a murder plot, all of which cast eerie echoes on the fantasy lives he's try to put on television.
Or so he thinks--they keep showing up, and his conniving brother ends up crashing in Vince's dorm room.
But God chose Israel, a wandering people in search of a homeland; God chose Moses, who couldn't speak clearly; God chose David, a conniving adulterer; God chose a manger in Bethlehem, a band of ignorant, smelly fishermen, with a tax collector thrown in for good measure; God chose a bloody cross on a hill outside the city as the ultimate "Means of Grace." God chose a troubled Augustinian monk who could find no peace, teaching at a struggling university, to reform and renew the church.
Mind you, there are plenty of feisty, conniving gays on reality TV, epitomized by Survivor's Richard Hatch.
In the story, the wealthy, conniving Marquis de Tremicour makes a wager with the bookish Melite that she will succumb to him after seeing his petite maison, an architectural form that everyone else in Paris, save Melite, knows is actually a large, opulent house "contrived for love"--more precisely, clandestine sexual encounters.
Carroll) and family soon discover that while Joseph, Albert, and Julius (Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov) are a little rough around the edges, they make much nicer houseguests than evil uncle Andre (Basil Rathbone) and conniving cousin Paul John Baer).
Wheeler's conniving is rewarded when he becomes president.
Exactly how Swanilda deceives the old man in the next act was an expert mixture of comic timing, hyper-curiosity, and conniving wit.
Tandy, worldly, self centered, conniving, finds herself in desperate financial straits after her husband dies.
Kyle Browne, aged 21, spent five months with Rebecca Loos in London and said it was not in her nature to be conniving.