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connive at (something)

To plot or conspire about something. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conniving at something!
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connive at something (with someone)

 and connive (at something) with someone
to scheme at something (with someone); to plot something (with someone). Are you conniving at something with Ronald? Are you and Ronald conniving with Tom at something I should know about? Stop conniving with people!
See also: connive
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Asked whether, since the 1970s, British civil servants have been "aware of, connived at, and have facilitated defence exports to Saudi Arabia tainted with corruption", he reiterated the MoD's assertion that such claims were "totally unfounded".
The `orrible old cow connived to sell off council homes and get rid of the annoying homeless in the 80s to improve the chances of the Tories getting voted into key marginal wards.
Churches were alarmed at the Amnesty International report which said that both the state administration and the police may have taken insufficient action to protect the population during the massacres and in some cases may even have connived with the attackers.
He also claimed that McGraw "has connived with the local press".
MICHAEL and Cheryl Barrymore landed in hot water last August after the Sunday Mirror revealed, right, that they had connived to get family and friends on Strike It Lucky.
What better image could we have of the nihilistic shock of reversal in which we all have connived, if only passively, whether out of a sense of guilt or of a more prevalent resentment?