connive at

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connive at (something)

To plot or conspire about something. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conniving at something!
See also: connive

connive at something (with someone)

 and connive (at something) with someone
to scheme at something (with someone); to plot something (with someone). Are you conniving at something with Ronald? Are you and Ronald conniving with Tom at something I should know about? Stop conniving with people!
See also: connive
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While announcing the sack, Governor Oshiomhole expressed regrets that engineers attached to the state Ministry of Works connive with contractors to cheat the state and vowed that the government will sack any government engineer found wanting.
Oshiomhole who was visibly angry at this point, due to the contradicting reports given by both the engineer hired by the government to monitor the projects and the state government engineers, said, this is why people prefer to hire foreign engineers because our own engineers, some of them useless, connive with corrupt politicians and contractors do dupe the state.
She will happily see the nation of Wales reduced to the status of a region and will connive with the Spanish Right when it is felt that this will best serve New Labour's electoral interests.