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connive at (something)

To plot or conspire about something. What are you kids whispering about back there? You better not be conniving at something!
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connive at something (with someone)

 and connive (at something) with someone
to scheme at something (with someone); to plot something (with someone). Are you conniving at something with Ronald? Are you and Ronald conniving with Tom at something I should know about? Stop conniving with people!
See also: connive
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Alhaji Bala said the call became necessary in view of recent happenings in which drug peddlers connive with luggage handlers at some airports to freight illicit substances abroad.
He also warned inmates and BuCor personnel who possibly connive to keep the drug trade alive within the prison walls, 'Just in case they still do that and connive with jailed drug lords, stop it.
However, the Enugu State Ministry of Education should find out what made 18 school principals, at the risk of their careers, to decide to connive with students to commit examination malpractices.
THE Collins English Dictionary definition of the three-word description of Mr Allason is: Connive: To plot together, especially secretly; conspire.
To those who conspired and continue to connive to erase the memory of those dark times we say: Guard it well.
He said some employers, who think they were being compassionate, sometimes connive with corps members to breach the rules and regulations of the scheme.