conniption fit

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conniption (fit)

n. a burst of anger; a spaz. He had a conniption fit over the question of my marriage to Fred.
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The National Endowment for the Arts funded part of this enterprise, and it is couched in words and concepts that are sure to give Jesse Helms a conniption fit, so he'll doubtless have his conniption fit, and then the writers here can get all prissy and righteous--which isn't as hard as it might seem, even if you're all dolled up in minis and teddies and nose rings.
The marshals, cleared of wrongdoing in May, shot Alpizar because he suffered a conniption fit linked to his bipolar disorder.
Latvia's government is currently going through conniption fits in relation to filling the coffers of state with more money so as to address growing needs for new spending.
Some readers with newer cartridges as their favorites at this point must be having conniption fits.
Those examples may seem relatively benign--after all, a cow producing human protein is still basically a cow--but it is fear of a slippery slope toward confusion between human and animal that really causes conniption fits.