conniption fit

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conniption (fit)

n. a burst of anger; a spaz. He had a conniption fit over the question of my marriage to Fred.
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The marshals, cleared of wrongdoing in May, shot Alpizar because he suffered a conniption fit linked to his bipolar disorder.
Q: I haven't had a good conniption fit in a long time.
She was game to soldier on, though, extolling the value of conniption fits, the wisdom she gleaned from ``Godsend'' co-star Robert DeNiro and why we should all avoid small children with bad haircuts.
Those examples may seem relatively benign--after all, a cow producing human protein is still basically a cow--but it is fear of a slippery slope toward confusion between human and animal that really causes conniption fits.
Despite other subplots involving marital strife, a loaded gun kept hidden by a teenager, and interracial dating that gives parents on both sides conniption fits, the characters played by Sedgwick and Margulies are at the heart of the movie.