connect (up) with (someone or something)

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connect (up) with (someone or something)

1. To have a positive or meaningful connection with someone, often quickly. I just don't connect with those people—I doubt we have anything in common. I connected with Ashley immediately, and we've been best friends ever since.
2. To communicate with someone. I've been having a hard time connecting with Stephanie, since she's been out of the office every time I've tried to call her.
3. To form a relationship or a group. I'm sure you'll be able to connect with other photography enthusiasts in your new town.
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connect (up) with someone or something

1. to form an association with someone or a group. (The up is informal.) Let's connect up with some other people and form an organization through which we can express our views. We need to connect with like-minded people that can help us with our problems.
2. to meet with someone or a group; to communicate with someone or a group, especially over the telephone. I tried to connect up with Bob over the phone, but I could never reach him. We could not connect with the council to discuss these matters.
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connect (with someone)

in. to meet someone; to talk to someone on the telephone. We connected over a drink and discussed the matter fully.
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connect (with something)

in. [for a batter] to hit a ball. He swung but didn’t connect with the ball.
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References in classic literature ?
"To my mind this question is connected with something far greater, the rights of property itself."
The trick is to introduce some word connected with the supposed crime in a list of words connected with something quite different, yet a list in which it occurs quite naturally.
The fat boy looked from the pie-dish to the steak, as if he thought a favour must be in a manner connected with something to eat; and then took out one of the half-crowns and glanced at it nervously.
Decreased activity in the parietal lobe may suggest that, during their spiritual experience, the participants momentarily lost some of their sense of self as they connected with something greater.
Another important step is to build partnerships with principals and program administrators statewide to develop a plan so that students become connected with something and are informed of their options.
When a viewer becomes emotionally connected with something or they want to feel that emotion themselves, they are more likely to click on your video.
The founder and director of the group, Robert Gerrish, said that they were looking for something where the energy and sentiment of their community could be connected with something enjoyable.
It is a desire to be connected with something greater than the egos of other people and the projects in which we might engage with them.
As a volunteer opportunity, the campus liaison program is popular with many students, Golding said, because it doesn't require a large investment of students' time in return for being able to state on their resumes that they are "connected with something so well-respected as APHA, and in the world of public health, everyone knows of APHA."
I connected with something - maybe I headed Golabek into the net."
Around the World in 72 Days does not concentrate solely on that famous trip in 1889-1890, and the resulting celebrity it brought for Bly (Robe: "She was an advertiser's dream because everyone recognized her name and assumed that if her name, Nellie Bly, was connected with something, it would sell").
Often, new revenue opportunities are connected with something you're already doing.
We have been underbidder about ten times, including on some at Newmarket, and finally we have connected with something we like.