connect (up) with (someone or something)

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connect (up) with (someone or something)

1. To have a positive or meaningful connection with someone, often quickly. I just don't connect with those people—I doubt we have anything in common. I connected with Ashley immediately, and we've been best friends ever since.
2. To communicate with someone. I've been having a hard time connecting with Stephanie, since she's been out of the office every time I've tried to call her.
3. To form a relationship or a group. I'm sure you'll be able to connect with other photography enthusiasts in your new town.
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connect (up) with someone or something

1. to form an association with someone or a group. (The up is informal.) Let's connect up with some other people and form an organization through which we can express our views. We need to connect with like-minded people that can help us with our problems.
2. to meet with someone or a group; to communicate with someone or a group, especially over the telephone. I tried to connect up with Bob over the phone, but I could never reach him. We could not connect with the council to discuss these matters.
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connect (with someone)

in. to meet someone; to talk to someone on the telephone. We connected over a drink and discussed the matter fully.
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connect (with something)

in. [for a batter] to hit a ball. He swung but didn’t connect with the ball.
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Smith, which is the first film I ever worked on and it was like these two people are meeting for the first time and if you connect with somebody, you connect with them."
So I spend less time thinking about the clever image, the interesting aesthetics, and more about how I connect with somebody. I have a lot more empathy with the people I photograph now and that is reflected in the work.
If you're able to do that and connect with somebody, they tell you all their details.
People are more apt to connect with somebody if they can put a face with a name.
Speaking of the daytime audience, she said, "They want real, and they want to connect with somebody. They feel a connective tissue (with daytime personalities) that I don't think you find other times of the day.
Allegra's vulnerability and need to connect with somebody make her a sympathetic character, whom readers will like.
She said: "I know love exists - you might have to kiss a few frogs before you meet them but when you do connect with somebody on a very deep level your world can shift."
"If you have the ability to connect with somebody and help them get better at something, that's the best part.
"It was invaluable to connect with somebody who's been through the exact same thing."
"The only way to connect with these young men is by identifying staffers who are committed to the process and who have the passion to take the time to do the work required to connect with somebody's son."
She said: "It's an opportunity to connect with somebody whose role is to notice what the prayer is and to pray specifically for that person."
"If you want to really connect with somebody, slow down."
"If you want to really connect with somebody, slow down." With children, it's especially helpful to match their tone of voice or use a somewhat lower tone of voice, which is calming.
"You know when you instantly connect with somebody? He could get along with anybody in the room.