connect (up) with (someone or something)

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connect (up) with (someone or something)

1. To have a positive or meaningful connection with someone, often quickly. I just don't connect with those people—I doubt we have anything in common. I connected with Ashley immediately, and we've been best friends ever since.
2. To communicate with someone. I've been having a hard time connecting with Stephanie, since she's been out of the office every time I've tried to call her.
3. To form a relationship or a group. I'm sure you'll be able to connect with other photography enthusiasts in your new town.
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connect (up) with someone or something

1. to form an association with someone or a group. (The up is informal.) Let's connect up with some other people and form an organization through which we can express our views. We need to connect with like-minded people that can help us with our problems.
2. to meet with someone or a group; to communicate with someone or a group, especially over the telephone. I tried to connect up with Bob over the phone, but I could never reach him. We could not connect with the council to discuss these matters.
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connect (with someone)

in. to meet someone; to talk to someone on the telephone. We connected over a drink and discussed the matter fully.
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connect (with something)

in. [for a batter] to hit a ball. He swung but didn’t connect with the ball.
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The chapter aims to provide chemists and chemical engineers from across Qatar and the region the opportunity to connect with one another, as well as ACS members worldwide.
'The result is a deeply social environment where Taylor and her fans are able to better connect with one another while expressing themselves in an interactive community,' Earl said.
The national convention, themed "Design with Purpose," presented a fresh, new approach to how architects learn, engage and connect with one another.
According to the company, InstructorHub is an online community and resource centre that allows instructors to connect with one another, share best practices, access resources and improve their instruction.
wants retailers to know that it has a consistent pipeline of innovative products designed to help consumers communicate and connect with one another.
From food in the galleys of Great Lakes ships to a secret civil rights kitchen in Montgomery, Alabama, the stories Hidden Kitchens all have in common the zest to create great food, and through taste, help human beings connect with one another.
Expertly written by Timothy Gangwer (an educator of 23 years' experience and a visual teaching pioneer), Visual Impact Visual Teaching: Using Images to Strengthen Learning is a guide to incorporating visual imagery and visual teaching strategies in order to better connect with one's students.
We connect with one another, she added, by joining hands with our left palms turned up to receive our ancestors' teachings and we pass them on to the next seven generations by holding our right palms down.
UNEXPECTED ADVANTAGE: Students don't necessarily need their laptops to connect to the wireless LAN; they can connect with one of the school-funded PDAs.
Since maternity in the early modern period--and female gynecology in general--was overtaken by the patriarchal medical institutions of modernity, an essay accounting for the shift might have added further to the volume; nevertheless, Maternal Measures is a fine and exhaustive treatment of its subject, opening up new and rich perspectives onto a time when early modern mothers and caregivers, in Naomi Miller's words, "found the knowledge and power to connect with one another, and variably resist or even reform some of the practices and expectations that determined their standing in society" (19).
"Gay people are just early adopters of new technology in general, especially when that technology allows them to connect with one another," says Leyla Farah, vice president of portal integration for PlanetOut Partners, parent company of and
EAI allows diverse systems to connect with one another quickly to share data, communications, and processes, alleviating the information silos that plague many businesses.
Other candidates: m-commerce (14), buying and selling over a cell phone, and WAP (3), Wireless Application Protocol, a specification that enables wireless devices to connect with one another.
"Recipe," the book's first poem, offers a particularly compelling image of this difficulty: "the flesh you live in is an anchor/of damp stones, you cannot move with or without it." And again in "Whirling Dervishes I" the speaker marvels at the sheer power contained in the body and yet how slight our consciousness of it: "imagine/all that electricity fizzing/and nobody gets hurt by it." Yet "for every positive/a negative," another poem reminds us, and whatever we think we know about ourselves or one another still leaves us like "stones [that] sit next to each other,/stranded," unable to connect with one another and asking "who am I/really?" ("Under Cygnus").