connect (up) to (someone or something)

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connect (up) to (someone or something)

1. To physically join people or things together. A noun or pronoun can be used between "connect" and "to." The handcuffs kept the thief connected to the chair as he was questioned. If you don't connect this piece to that one, the base will be lopsided.
2. To be involved in or linked to something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "connect" and "to." Once he became connected to that scandal, his political career was over.
3. To successfully access a connection to something, such as electricity or the Internet. A noun or pronoun can be used between "connect" and "to." I'm having a hard time connecting to the Wi-Fi here.
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connect (up) to something

to attach to something; to attach or link something to some electrical device or electrical signal. When we finish the house, we will connect up to the utilities. We have to connect to the Internet ourselves.
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connect someone or something(up) to someone or something

 and connect someone or something (up) with someone or something 
1. Lit. to connect people or things in any combination, physically or by wires. The nurse connected Maggie up to the electrocardiograph. Eric connected the machine to the wall plug. The receptionist connected my call up to Susan.
2. Fig. to make a mental connection between people and things in any combination. I connected myself up to a person with similar interests. I often connect up Bob to sailing, because I first met him on a boat.
3. Fig. to argue that someone or something is linked to a criminal or a criminal act. I can connect Eric to the crime. The police connected the stolen goods to Susan.
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The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan will connect to one of the digital TV channels in 2015 to provide live broadcasts of plenary sessions, Speaker Asylbek Jeenbekov said on September 11.
An integrated Live Call monitor allows users to connect to one or more Tracer systems, each with up to 192 channels; an Auto Call Monitor provides real time automatic live call monitoring.
System modules and harnesses are wired the same to simplify system assembly and all components in the system connect to one another the same way, every time.
What would happen then, when all those pods are able to connect to one another?
Network attached storage (NAS) systems connect to one or more servers through a local area network and provide access to data at the file level.
Three connectivity options are available: the SH-15-15-B to connect directly to signals or a custom connector or the SH-15-15 to connect to one of two connector blocks.
Available in highly visible colors, the barriers are easy to manipulate and connect to one another with semi-retractable hinge pins.
To connect to one of these high-speed data networks, a user must purchase a special card--programmed to dial the vendor's high-speed network when activated--to plug into a laptop or PDA expansion slot.
The non-blocking feature allows multiple receivers to connect to one LNB.
The line features a smiley face on the metal portion of the utensil and the "arms" of the people connect to one another.
The second trend will be the maturity of the Internet and how it will allow people to connect to one another worldwide, Connell said.
From a sociological perspective, the author considers how such machines influence who we are and how we connect to one other.
Under a five-year contract, valued at USD5.5m, Unisys has created a new infrastructure that provides more than 100 airlines operating from the airport with the ability to connect to one host system and interface to issue tickets, route baggage and generate boarding passes.
If the nearest store is closed the call will automatically connect to one that's open 24 hours a day."