connect to

connect (up) to (someone or something)

1. To physically join people or things together. A noun or pronoun can be used between "connect" and "to." The handcuffs kept the thief connected to the chair as he was questioned. If you don't connect this piece to that one, the base will be lopsided.
2. To be involved in or linked to something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "connect" and "to." Once he became connected to that scandal, his political career was over.
3. To successfully access a connection to something, such as electricity or the Internet. A noun or pronoun can be used between "connect" and "to." I'm having a hard time connecting to the Wi-Fi here.
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connect (up) to something

to attach to something; to attach or link something to some electrical device or electrical signal. When we finish the house, we will connect up to the utilities. We have to connect to the Internet ourselves.
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connect someone or something(up) to someone or something

 and connect someone or something (up) with someone or something 
1. Lit. to connect people or things in any combination, physically or by wires. The nurse connected Maggie up to the electrocardiograph. Eric connected the machine to the wall plug. The receptionist connected my call up to Susan.
2. Fig. to make a mental connection between people and things in any combination. I connected myself up to a person with similar interests. I often connect up Bob to sailing, because I first met him on a boat.
3. Fig. to argue that someone or something is linked to a criminal or a criminal act. I can connect Eric to the crime. The police connected the stolen goods to Susan.
See also: connect
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Optimized for speed and efficiency, the Alliance Intelligent Cloud will connect to vehicles and share digital features and future innovations across multiple models and brands for consumers in different regions around the world.
The Volkswagen Connect is an intelligent connected vehicle assistance system that enables customers to connect to the car's system through an app, allowing access to more information about the car.
The connected car technology can also be used to connect to cars through smartphones or other mobile devices.
With AWS Direct Connect, customers can connect to AWS via a private connection to improve performance and reduce costs.
The Samsung Connect Tag is the world's first consumer mobile product to use narrowband network technology (NB-IoT, Cat.M1), a specially designed cellular communication standard for small data utilization, low power consumption and the ability to securely connect to the internet for optimal location services.
TEI has launched TEI Connect to provide a user-friendly platform for its members.
California-based Internet-connection company Cirrent has introduced a service to enable connected products--such as home thermostats and televisions--to connect to the Internet automatically and securely, right out of the box.
The Connect Station CS100 can connect to large screen TVs via HDMI, allowing you to display and enjoy your images and movies in stunning Full HD resolution, the way they deserve to be viewed.
With just one click, users can access Lenovo Connect to enjoy local pricing on Internet access when they travel to more than SO countries around the world.
Windows and Android users can connect wirelessly to the ConferenceCam Connect to screen-mirror presentations, spreadsheets, videos or Internet content from a mobile device to a TV screen through an HDMI connection.
Use while you drive: Get connected to internet 24/7, just take connected movable Wi-Fi Evo Nitro Cloud device along with you anywhere within Pakistan, while going on driving, place it in your car, and enjoy freedom of Internet, connect your mobile or laptop having facility to connect to internet using Wi-Fi.
Coming your way soon is a new online community-Connect--which features social media functions that integrate with CalCPA's member database This new tool will enhance your ability to connect to professional resources, leaders and your peers.
Reeves, famous for its Painting By Numbers kits and art products, will work alongside Connect to deliver sustained PR campaigns over the next 12 months and to promote the company's accessories and sets.
Hello Connect to Agent - Global Connect's Hello Connect to Agent eliminates the need for the debtor to press a hot key for a live transfer of the call to the collection floor.
In fact, most laptop computers with wireless networking actively look for and ask permission to connect to any network they might find once activated.