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in conjunction with (someone or something)

Jointly with someone or something; in tandem with someone or something. The tax changes are coming into effect in conjunction with several relief schemes for lower-income families. The director worked in conjunction with numerous psychologists to faithfully portray dissociative identity disorder. My wife and I illustrate and write our books in conjunction.
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in conˈjunction with

(formal) together with: The police are working in conjunction with tax officers on the investigation.The system is designed to be used in conjunction with a word processing program.
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These arguments suggest that the interaction addressed in H2 between the target consistency of conjunction features and the schematic dissimilarity between the conjunction features and their source will have a greater effect on auditors' memory conjunction errors when inherent risk assessments are high vs.
Strictly speaking, the conjunctions of Kepler and Y2K should go by the more casual name of a massing, which is simply three or more planets appearing in the same part of the sky.
However, her use of conjunctions is not appropriate.
Early risers do get a consolation at the end of May with the long- awaited and majestic conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.
Gravana, working in conjunction with GM Design, has pushed the Sky's styling to the limits with its highly customized concept treatment that enhances the sleek, crisp and modern lines of the production vehicle while providing a cutting-edge visual design appeal.
Using the BIS value to guide administration of anesthetic medication, in conjunction with other vital signs, allows clinicians to make better-informed decisions to achieve optimal anesthesia.
Summit7 is currently seeking donations, of which 100 percent will be donated to Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with the first two of their seven scheduled climbs.
In conjunction with its software development partner Apollo Health Street, MedLink has developed a Medical Billing application for physicians that works on the MedLink VPN platform seamlessly with the Company's flagship product the MedLink EHR.
NASDAQ:NENG), a leading OEM appliance partner for Microsoft security solutions, today announced support of the Windows Server System Midsize Business Promotion, with both a special offer to Network Engines' ENGAGE channel partners who sell Network Engines NS Series Security Appliances powered by Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 as well as a special offer to end-users who purchase the NS6400 in conjunction with the promotion.
In conjunction with the EIA, a Hydrogeological/Water Resources Study has been completed.
Thereafter, in conjunction with a joint venture arrangement with All American Plazas, Inc.
1 million Phase II SBIR grant from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), for the development of targeted nanobubbles that can be used in conjunction with ultrasound for NanoInvasive(TM) treatment of vascular clots.
The AnzenBio award was announced at a recent ceremony at the University of Utah, in conjunction with the Edison Conference, a networking and funding event for Utah inventors and entrepreneurs.