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conjecture on (something)

To speculate or wonder about something. A murmur went through the stands as people conjectured on which dog would be named the winner.
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conjecture on something

to speculate on or guess about something. I will not even conjecture on the outcome. Dave conjectured on what might happen next.
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The process of conjecturing hinges on being able to recognise a pattern or analogy, in other words, on being able to make a generalisation.
As NCTM (1991) stressed, mathematics instruction needs to be orientated away from an emphasis on mechanistic answer-finding, and towards conjecturing, and problem solving.
If students found the process of conjecturing problematic, how did they proceed?
As such, in this section we examine the participants' conjecturing in further detail.
Both verification and falsification may either break a chain of conjecturing or continue this chain.
However, rather than discussing different levels of sophistication they represent, we wish to show how a verified conjecture may continue the cycle of conjecturing, rather than end or break it.
normally start with exploring first, and then follow by conjecturing.
components of exploring, conjecturing, and verifying and progresses