conjecture on

conjecture on (something)

To speculate or wonder about something. A murmur went through the stands as people conjectured on which dog would be named the winner.
See also: conjecture, on

conjecture on something

to speculate on or guess about something. I will not even conjecture on the outcome. Dave conjectured on what might happen next.
See also: conjecture, on
References in classic literature ?
The author's conjecture on the name of the Red Sea.
While I was allowing my fancy to run riot in wild conjecture on the possible explanation of the strange anomalies which I had so far met with on Mars, Sola returned bearing both food and drink.
Among the specific problems to be investigated is Tutte s 3-flow conjecture from the early 1970es, the problem if the flow polynomial can have arbitrarily large roots (motivated by Tutte s 5-flow conjecture), the Merino-Welsh conjecture on the numbers of spanning trees, acyclic orientations and totally cyclic orientations, and Wegner s conjecture from 1977 about squares of planar cubic graphs.