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conjecture on (something)

To speculate or wonder about something. A murmur went through the stands as people conjectured on which dog would be named the winner.
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conjecture on something

to speculate on or guess about something. I will not even conjecture on the outcome. Dave conjectured on what might happen next.
See also: conjecture, on
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Many children were able to validate their conjecture by verifying that their rule worked for all numbers in their written response.
The conjecture puts forth the following hypothesis; whatever positive number one starts with one will always eventually reach 1 after a finite number of steps.
I want to thank Robin Thomas for pointing out to me that the weak Hadwiger conjecture is implied by the structure theorem of [1] for graphs with infinite chromatic number.
Both Malia's and Carrie's responses to C1 were mathematically mature and went well beyond merely disproving the conjecture (L1).
That paper was itself a modification of an argument from a 2003 paper by Goldston and Yildirim, which had used the multidimensional sieve to address the twin prime conjecture but had to be retracted because of a fatal error.
Chari, On the fermionic formula and the Kirillov-Reshetikhin conjecture, Int.
The chosen price is called rationalizable if it is a best response to some price belonging to the convex combination of the minimum and maximum elements in the seller's conjecture.
A conjecture is an unproved proposition that appears correct and not been disproved.
Sobolev inequalities, heat kernels under Ricci flow, and the Poincare conjecture.
Asked what was the basis for the Lib Dem claim, Mr Cable said: "It is a conjecture and it's a reasonable assumption and I wouldn't claim any more than that.
Indeed, we show that the well known SHGH Conjecture (see Conjecture 3.
Leanne's guess that it maybe possible to create every name within the artwork is called a conjecture in mathematics, as it has not yet been proved to be possible.
median, mode and range, the authors provided opportunities for students to conjecture, verify, and modify their rules rather than directly telling them the rules to find those three statistics terms.
Keywords Smarandache prime part sequences, Determinant, Conjecture.
The author of this paper submits that a mathematics student needs to learn to conjecture and prove or disprove said conjecture.