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conjecture on (something)

To speculate or wonder about something. A murmur went through the stands as people conjectured on which dog would be named the winner.
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conjecture on something

to speculate on or guess about something. I will not even conjecture on the outcome. Dave conjectured on what might happen next.
See also: conjecture, on
References in classic literature ?
His wonder, his conjectures, and his explanations became in succession hers, with the addition of this single remark -- "I really have not patience with the general" -- to fill up every accidental pause.
Bulstrode, Lydgate rode away, forming no conjectures, in the first instance, about the history of Raffles, but rehearsing the whole argument, which had lately been much stirred by the publication of Dr.
For all those dragging days my mind was a whirl of mad conjecture, of frantic hope, of numbing fear.
To think this is giddiness and vertigo to human limbs, and even vomiting to the stomach: verily, the reeling sickness do I call it, to conjecture such a thing.
I never had any conjectures about it," replied Margaret; "it was you who told me of it yourself.
Under the prompting of this new idea, and without waiting to form conjectures, he raised the child in his arms, and went to the door.
But it is evident that all conjectures of this kind must be extremely vague and fallible: and that it is by far the safest course to lay them altogether aside, and to confine our attention wholly to the nature and extent of the powers as they are delineated in the Constitution.
The second is, that probable conjectures, or obscure traditions, many times turn themselves into prophecies; while the nature of man, which coveteth divination, thinks it no peril to foretell that which indeed they do but collect.
Kennedy first imparted his conjectures to the doctor.
Now, in the conjectures here proposed, some of the most excellent faculties of the mind may be employed to much advantage, since it is a more useful capacity to be able to foretel the actions of men, in any circumstance, from their characters, than to judge of their characters from their actions.
The Poincare Conjecture involves the study of shapes, spaces and surfaces and makes predictions about the topology of multi-dimensional objects.
Moreover, if we are correct in our conjecture that the current recovery potentially resembles the Izanagi Keiki--in that it is the beginning of a major renaissance for Japan (as the US saw from the mid 80s)--this recovery is but halfway through its cycle.
Pearl provides a masterful combination of fact and fantasy though the use of actual, historical characters who were indeed members of a Dante Club, and conjecture in the form of a complex, vicious serial killer.
First suggested in 1611 and finally solved 387 years later in 1988, Kepler's Conjecture has captivated some of the most renowned mathematical scholars throughout history.
The gaps created by an absence of hard information are filled by conjecture and extensive contextualization, often farfetched or factually inaccurate.