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conjecture on (something)

To speculate or wonder about something. A murmur went through the stands as people conjectured on which dog would be named the winner.
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conjecture on something

to speculate on or guess about something. I will not even conjecture on the outcome. Dave conjectured on what might happen next.
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Uexkull's central insight was that we can conjecturally posit a systematic functional/structural interpretation of the dog's behaviour and umwelt, in terms of (conjectured) similarities with, and differences from our own.
I conjecturally suggest that the referent of the deictic pet might be either the sacrament of baptism with all its implications, or the miracles by the pools of Bethesda or the one of Siloam, where people were healed from every disease:
Psalm Extracts Assembled in the Huntington Catena Section Psalm Verses a 77 1-2 48 2-3 b 18 8-12 c 1 1-6 (entire psalm) d 2 10-13 81 3-4 4 5-6 e 10 5-8 9 10-11 f 9 12-13 32 1-3 g 32 4-9 33 6-8 h 33 9-15 i 33 16-23 (verses 17 and 22 conjecturally emended) j 92 1-5 (entire psalm) 63 11 k 65 1-2 68 33-37 71 11 l 71 12-14 91 13-16 m 14 1-5 (entire psalm) 23 1-6 n 23 7-10 (entire psalm, across m-n) 13 2-3 (conclusion of verse 3 conjecturally emended) 13 4-7?
The danger in writing conjecturally is that it involves knowledge in a broad range of areas and not necessarily the author's relative knowledge or specific area of expertise.
The 20 years with relatively favorable weather apparently were too few to allow the Peary caribou, and especially both the Peary caribou and the muskoxen, opportunity to overshoot some unknown, conjecturally critical threshold population size at which the range would have afterwards suffered even serious deterioration, let alone destruction.
John, which recently surfaced in January 2008, was originally listed and partly printed by Stanley Jones in "Some New Hazlitt Letters," where it was conjecturally and incorrectly dated 1829, (8) based on incomplete information provided in a Sotheby's sale catalogue of 3 August 1922.
It is admitted by the translators of Baber that it is rendered by them quite conjecturally, and we cannot but think that they have missed the truth.
Known Bactrian Greek year numbers include the regnal year 4 of Antimachos i noted above, a year 24 found at ay Khanum, conjecturally attributed to (an era of?) Eucratides i (Bernard 1985: 97-105), and a tax receipt of a king Antimachos dated year 30 (clarysse & thompson 2007).
This text gives us Bloom the archivist, presenting the foul papers, "conjecturally restored," of a play written in 2004 during the transition from "American Plutocracy to the Oceanic Empire," a transition which took place "20 years after the date set by the prophet Orwellius" (286).
In concert with this, individual investors may conjecturally sell a portion of the leveraged firm's stock, buy another portion of the non-leveraged one, and successively operate an individual issuance of debt such that they replicate the best combination (which is implied to be the one of the leveraged firm.) The arbitrage opportunity springs up from the differential of prices of both firms' securities.
The different versions are printed in stemless noteheads on modern five-line staves, ligatures being indicated by slurs, some conjecturally reconstructed.
George Eliot found it characteristic of the Men and Women poems that they invited the reader to complete them conjecturally outside the limits of the text.
The population of Nigeria, according to the Census Figures of 2006 is conjecturally over 140 million people; even though the debate rejecting its estimation is continuous.
The text explains that the two disparate subjects were combined because the Church celebrated both holy days (for Andrew and for the Don Icon) on 19 August, the images are unified by depictions of battle, and the icon is conjecturally dated to 1880 and the 500th anniversary of the battle of Kulikovo.
2) (25) and, as the latest datable object, a Rhodian amphora handle naming the eponym Philokrates--the same eponym conjecturally restored on the Group B amphora.