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cone off

To use traffic cones to indicate that a section of a road or some area is closed. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cone" and "off." Police coned off the entire parking lot while the crime scene investigation was under way. We'll need to cone the road off until the repair work is done.
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1. A stupid person. Did you hear that guy's ridiculous question? Geez, what a conehead.
2. Someone who is very intelligent, but with very narrow interests. Smart as he is, I doubt he'll be able to help you change your tire—he's a real conehead.
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1. n. a fool; an oaf. You can be pretty much of a conehead yourself sometimes, you know.
2. n. an intellectual; a pointy-head. They build fences around universities to keep the coneheads in.


n. the breasts; female breasts. She ain’t much in the cones department.
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