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act of congress

That which is extremely difficult to achieve or requires a large amount of effort or patience to enact. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. It's like you have to have an act of congress before the city council will pay to fix the roads in this town. Trying to get my doctor on the phone is like an act of congress!
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sexual congress

Sexual intercourse, especially between a man and a woman. As there was no hard evidence that sexual congress occurred outside of marriage, the judge was obliged to uphold the prenuptial agreement during the divorce proceedings.
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It would take an act of Congress to do something.

It is almost impossible to do something. It would take an act of Congress to get Bill to wear a necktie. She's a sour woman. It would take an act of Congress to get her to put a smile on her face.
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Recommendation: In order to improve the planning and oversight for future courthouse construction projects, to increase the efficiency of courtroom usage through courtroom sharing, and to ensure that future courthouses are built within the congressionally authorized gross square footage, the Administrator of GSA should report to congressional authorizing committees when the design of a courthouse exceeds the authorized size by more than 10 percent, including the reasons for the increase in size.
WASHINGTON - The Pentagon blew a congressionally mandated deadline Friday for revealing the full extent of rocket fuel pollution in the nation's water supplies.
It is part of the congressionally mandated FDIC review of all written policies under the Riegle Community Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994.
The former POWs had responded to a congressionally mandated invitation from the Veterans Administration to receive a free medical checkup.
In order to help businesses and IT administrators meet this year's congressionally mandated daylight saving time (DST) change which starts on March 11, 2007, PatchLink([R]) Corporation is providing automated DST remediation for all major operating systems, including legacy Windows versions, Solaris, and HP UX, among others.
She said the Grand Challenge, the first time the agency has offered a congressionally authorized prize, is open to both professional and amateur designers and inventors.
As a group, they incurred a $402 million loss during the period, largely because of the absence of congressionally approved funds to resolve them.
Some of the 1,000-plus researchers employed through NAPAP, especially the atmospheric modelers, may secure financing to continue their investigations through the rapidly growing and congressionally popular "global change" program (SN: 2/3/90, p.
Under sponsorship from the United States Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA), and with financial support from the US Agency for International Development, the Congressionally Directed Peer Review Medical Program, and the Military Infectious Diseases Research Program, NMRC will initiate this FDA-approved study at their clinical trials center, located on the campus of the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda.
A congressionally mandated study said what's needed is more technicians performing repetitive manual tasks, more automation to reduce pharmacists' workloads and less administrative burdens imposed by insurers.
Hunter, director of the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Research (which ultimatley doles out congressionally appropriated fusion funds), also argued that scientists should improve their understanding of the underlying physics before Congress commits more resources to the CIT project or shunts funds away from other fusion projects such as laser-based inertial confinement research, much of which is classified.
3 percent above the May level, provided a sobering backdrop Thursday to the opening of hearings by a congressionally appointed panel searching for solutions to America's trade woes.
For example, in 1986 FWS directed 25 percent of all recovery funds not congressionally earmarked for specific species to just four animals -- the American peregrine falcon, southern sea otter, gray wolf and Aleutian Canada goose.
Some 50 people gathered at the Elks Club lodge for patriotic speeches and songs before a detail of Boy Scouts doused the flags with diesel fuel and set them ablaze, the congressionally approved protocol for retiring the national banner.
The Reagan plan would also cut by 44 percent funding of NIST's congressionally popular fire- and building-research programs.
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