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confusion worse confounded

Confusion made worse. Recess was already underway when the fire alarm rang, leading to confusion worse confounded. Trying to wrangle all those kids was certainly a chore!
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smoke and mirrors

Trickery, deception, or misdirection. The candidate has been accused of using smoke and mirrors during the debate to undermine the credibility of his opponent. Before computer generated effects, filmmakers had to use a lot of smoke and mirrors to make fantastic, unbelievable things look realistic in their movies.
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smoke and mirrors

deception and confusion. (Said of statements or more complicated rhetoric used to mislead people rather than inform. Alludes to the way a magician uses optical illusion to create believability while performing a trick. Fixed order.) Most people know that the politician was just using smoke and mirrors to make things look better than they really were. Her report was little more than smoke and mirrors. No one will believe any of it.
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throw someone or something into confusion

to cause people or a process to become confused, aimless, or disorderly. She made her entrance early and threw eveyone onstage into confusion. The judge's surprise ruling threw the courtroom into confusion.
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smoke and mirrors

Smoke and mirrors are words and actions that are intended to deceive or confuse people, especially by making something seem better than it really is. The president claims that his economic plan is free of the smoke and mirrors of previous presidential budget proposals. Thousands of shareholders learned too late that the company's image of success had been created with smoke and mirrors. Note: Magicians sometimes use smoke and mirrors when they are performing tricks, in order to confuse or deceive people.
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smoke and mirrors

the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information. chiefly North American
1998 Sunday Telegraph Ministers accused the Conservatives of a ‘smoke and mirrors’ con trick.
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smoke and ˈmirrors

used to describe ways of tricking people or of hiding the truth: He said the government had used smoke and mirrors to raise taxes.The commission has declared war on the smoke and mirrors of sales promotions.
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smoke and mirrors

n. a strategy of deception and cover up. Her entire report was nothing but smoke and mirrors. Who could believe any of it?
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smoke and mirrors

Something that deceives or distorts the truth: Your explanation is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
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En el presente articulo se plantea como objetivos determinar la frecuencia y los factores asociados al sindrome confusional agudo en adultos mayores no criticos internados en la emergencia del Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins, 2010.
Rothner based his remarks on a review of 22 patients with acute confusional migraine (ACM) referred for evaluation at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation between January 2001 and January 2003.
Table 1 Neuropsychiatric manifestation of SLE NPSLE associated with Central NPSLE associated with nervous system peripheral nervous Aseptic meningitis system Cerebrovascular disease Acute inflammatory demyelinating Demyelinating syndrome polyradiculoneuropathy (Guillain-Barre Headache (including migraine syndrome) and benign intracranial hypertension) Autonomic disorder Movement disorder (chorea) Myelopathy Mononeuropathy (single/multiplex) Seizure disorders Myasthenia gravis Acute confusional state (<1%) Cranial neuropathy Anxiety disorder Plexopathy Cognitive dysfunction (55-80%) Polyneuropathy Mood disorder (14-57%) Psychosis (0-8%) Systemic SLE lupus erythematosus; NPSLE-Neuropsychiatric Systemic lupus erythematosus
Hospital Course: She was diagnosed as acute confusional state, and she received IVF, PRBC, and correction of electrolytes.
Physical restraints are undesirable but may be hard to avoid for severely disinhibited and agitated patients who try to rip out their IV or endotracheal tube or assault staff or family members who try to calm them during their psychotic confusional state.
The redo operations; those who required more than 4 grafts or less than 2 grafts; patients already taking trimetazidine as anti-Ischaemic drug; presence of serious co-morbidities like carotid artery disease, renal failure and previous stroke; patient who underwent coronary endarterectomy during the operation; off-pump or on- pump beating CABG; patients who were started as beating heart surgery and then converted to conventional on-pump CABG; patients who had postoperative neurological complications like stroke or acute confusional states; intra- operative injury to atrium or ventricles; those who needed peri-operative open or closed cardiac massage.
These different states may overlap or intrude into one another, and it is the overlap of wakefulness and NREM sleep that gives rise to confusional arousals, and the intrusion of REM sleep into waking that produces REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD).
Delirium: acute confusional status, in clinical features, course, and outcome.
Se suele acompanar de sintomas tales como: alteraciones del nivel de la conciencia, estado confusional, perdida del tono muscular, delgadez y debilidad, estertores, afectacion sensorial, vision borrosa, desenfocada, aleracion del gusto y olfato), alteraciones circulatorias, dis nea, cambios en la colacion de la piel, ademas del dolor.
A recent article has proposed the use of "delirium doulas" (physical, emotional, and informative helpers) to work in conjunction with nurses to provide individualized care that emphasizes support to patients with delirium or acute confusional states during acute hospital care.
For some individuals, morphine becomes a very toxic medicine," he noted, especially in those with poor kidney function and in women, and large amounts of oral morphine can lead to a confusional state, delirium, and even an increase in pain.
CONFUSIONAL Arousal occurs during sleep when part of the brain wakes up while another part remains asleep.
Fifty-one people (35% of all admissions over the study period) were not eligible to participate because of dementia (16), a terminal illness (13), depression (nine), dysphasia (seven) or an acute confusional state (six).