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The research is the first large population-based study to prove that people with confusion caused by dementia or delirium, have inferior treatment outcomes, when compared with the rest of the population.
Courts analyze many factors in assessing whether there is a likelihood of confusion.
It begins with a historical analysis demonstrating how the growth of confusion reasoning overwhelmed inherent limits on trademark rights that once protected competition or communication values.
11) This Note also will provide an overview of the current split between circuits requiring proof of actual confusion and those allowing proof of "likelihood of confusion" to support an award of damages.
The bishops expressed some confusion over the mandate, financing and terms of the new position, while adding their general support for the concept.
Palabras clave: confusion, sesgo, factor de riesgo.
Yet worse than the confusion about Memorial Day is our tendency to forget about its significance altogether.
Post-operative confusion is a relatively common and well-known condition in patients who are treated in intensive care units.
In his confusion, he offers to build dwellings for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah.
All it took to complete the mishap was confusion in the landing pattern, and on this night there was confusion a-plenty.
He told BBC radio: "We are looking at a degree of Government confusion which I think is a pity.
Cutlets in opposition, telling The Washington Post the revised rule would create "a lot of confusion.
Clarifies a potential source of confusion in the DFARS over the application of the Buy American Act and the Trade Agreements Act to subcontracts.
Trademark infringement requires proof that the defendant's use of the same or similar mark is likely to produce confusion in the minds of consumers about the origin of the goods.
With an appealing honesty Shaw describes one of the driving forces behind her work as a kind of psychological state--a confusion that leads her to try to make sense of the world and its illusions through pictures, often of herself.