confuse (someone or something) with (someone or something)

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confuse (someone or something) with (someone or something)

1. To puzzle or perplex a person or animal by doing something in particular. I wasn't trying to confuse my students with my lesson on sine and cosine, but it seems that I have. If you're not consistent, you'll just end up confusing your dog with your commands.
2. To mistake someone or something for someone or something else. People are always confusing me with my sister because we look so much alike. Oh, I'm not a biology major—you must be confusing me with my roommate. Please don't confuse the pile of clothes I'm donating with the pile of ones I'm keeping.
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confuse someone or an animal with something

to use something to bewilder or confuse someone or an animal. You have confused me with your clever talk. You confused the dog with your orders.
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confuse (someone) with (someone else)

 and confuse (something) with (something else)
to mix someone up with someone else; to mistake someone or something with something else. I'm afraid you have confused me with my brother. Don't confuse the old ones with the new ones.
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Asserting that Sikh is religion different from the Hinduism, he said that some people confuse us with the Hindu community and also emphasised that the Hindu marriage bill or act can't be applied on us
Nowadays, however, he explained, Muslims seem to be following the maxim 'Don't confuse us with the facts' and it is impossible to change beliefs which they have assimilated over the last few generations even by presenting them with facts from their own sources.
"People confuse us with local authorities or other health bodies such as local health boards.
"People confuse us with astrologists and that's why they prefer to keep their distance." He works as a chief architect at a US-based software company but still takes time out for the hobby.
"We certainly don't want channel viewers or website visitors to confuse us with the fine folks over at Odyssey Networks."
Like most politicians, he tries to confuse us with his "smoke and mirrors" narrative, but these are the inescapable facts, Mr Ord.
GORILLAZ are trying to confuse us with their strange take on the alphabet.
Instead, as a rash of recent letters suggests, the separatists are now seeking to scare or confuse us with junk history, idle talk of partition and even the notion that we don't really exist.
Introducing us to a way of life instigated by the first Dalai Lama in the 15th Century, it would have been easy to confuse us with complex Buddhist ideology, bombard us with doctrine and lose the ambiance of peace in the chaos.
Scientists love to confuse us with conflicting studies about whether these diets are safe, but you don't need to be an expert to know you need carbs, protein and fat to be healthy.
But Trinity College criminologist Paul O'Mahoney said: "They bombard and confuse us with statistics.
Most telling was the comment from one of them when I showed a slide of our current income statement disclosing that we had been losing money: "Don't confuse us with finances." The next slide showed the financial situation that was expected to occur with 22 beds.
"People often confuse us with the steel industry because we both melt metal," Kiplinger said.
"Do not confuse us with that which we had nothing to do with, which is despicable on both the part of the legislature and those journalists who do so," she added.