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confront (one) with (something)

To approach one with the intention of presenting or discussing something unpleasant. If you confront him with evidence of his crime, I think he'll try to leave town.
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confront (one's)/the demons

To acknowledge and attempt to understand that which causes ongoing problems in one's life, such as fears, shortcomings, psychological trauma, addiction, etc. The fight with my girlfriend forced me to confront my demons and admit that I'm an alcoholic. With the help of a therapist, I was able to confront the demons that had gripped me since childhood, thanks to toxic messaging from my troubled mother.
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confront (something) head-on

To meet, oppose, or deal with something directly, without compromise or prevarication. I'm nervous about having to make a presentation to the entire board, but it is a challenge I will confront head-on. Instead of confronting them head-on, he decided to ignore the rumors until they were blown way out of proportion.
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confront someone with something

to face someone with incriminating evidence, charges of wrongdoing, or criticism. The angry husband confronted his wife with the evidence of her financial irresponsibility. The police confronted Wilson with the witness's statement.
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Insulza spoke of the importance of defining new policies to confront the crisis in Latin America while being very clear about capacity and limitations.
Like the burning bush of Moses and the angel of Gideon, Isaiah is confronted by God through an epiphany of wondrous dimension.
As part of my inquiry, I confronted my own penchant for controlling student texts inappropriately and found that the root of my problem was spiritual in nature.
Archbishop Nichols particularly criticized the "investigative journalism" program of Kenyon Confronts for the morally questionable methods used by its reporters to dredge up again previous cases of child abuse, some over 50 years old.
Texas confronts the nine justices with an obvious equal protection challenge to the law: How can Texas criminalize anal and oral sex for same-sex couples only, not for heterosexuals?
The Cotswolds trainer was called to Portman Square in London to answer allegations that he had brought racing into disrepute when appearing on the BBC's Kenyon Confronts programme last June.
TRAINER David Wintle admitted last night he has discovered a horse in his yard that had been 'planted' by BBC programme makers from the 'Kenyon Confronts' series.
This is a masterful work of history which not only skillfully confronts the critics of Orientalism, but shows how a powerful mind can enrich our knowledge of cultural encounters and make these critics seem like heavy-handed ideologues themselves.
Having been a subscriber to Dance Magazine for many years, I know that you have been concerned with a problem that at some time confronts every dancer--namely, retirement.
While the person who confronts nature may develop associations with others for the shared purpose of controlling the outside world, such associations do not afford true confrontations between persons.
Carton Ash confronts "Michaela" fifteen years later, an older woman in trousers and high heels," a hand-me-down-Marlene." She reads the photocopies from his file, she cries, she half apologizes, she worries about being identifiable in his book: "Ah well, perhaps I can sue you and I'll win a lot of money.
Seemingly emerging from the snow-capped summits and the swirling winds, Hurtubise walks out of the woods in his uniform of buckskin coat and red beret, and confronts the camera to tell his story.
The drama kicks off after Mac confronts Neeta at the school, dragging her into the boiler room before rather rashly taking his frustrations out on some gas pipes.
confronts the child squarely with the basic human predicaments" (8).
As she confronts the evil that seems to be coming to her from another world, so too must she confront evil in her familiar world and her own naive sexuality and what terrors it brings.