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confront (one) with (something)

To approach one with the intention of presenting or discussing something unpleasant. If you confront him with evidence of his crime, I think he'll try to leave town.
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confront (one's)/the demons

To acknowledge and attempt to understand that which causes ongoing problems in one's life, such as fears, shortcomings, psychological trauma, addiction, etc. The fight with my girlfriend forced me to confront my demons and admit that I'm an alcoholic. With the help of a therapist, I was able to confront the demons that had gripped me since childhood, thanks to toxic messaging from my troubled mother.
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confront (something) head-on

To meet, oppose, or deal with something directly, without compromise or prevarication. I'm nervous about having to make a presentation to the entire board, but it is a challenge I will confront head-on. Instead of confronting them head-on, he decided to ignore the rumors until they were blown way out of proportion.
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confront someone with something

to face someone with incriminating evidence, charges of wrongdoing, or criticism. The angry husband confronted his wife with the evidence of her financial irresponsibility. The police confronted Wilson with the witness's statement.
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Instead of looking in the mirror and confronting the reality of the coaching, diets, training plans and the players themselves, it becomes a game of positioning and trying to find "spin" to lie to themselves.
Today's activities wrapped up with the workshop on "the vocational Syndicates" which highlighted the role of the Arab labor community, being a main source of power, in the battle of confronting the Zionist project.
In a meeting, Gomaa and Minister of Culture Gaber Asfour said "confronting terrorist organisations is considered a common goal", adding that they are cooperating to expose the "falsity" of these organisations.
Other research has found that confronting people with biased views in a direct, educational way can help them learn not to behave in a prejudiced way.
Today our governments are stronger and more realistic." Insulza qualified as "unfair" the fact that Latin American government administrations are often judged rigorously without recognition that most of them have had to confront longstanding problems: "Many of the problems being faced today go back many years," Insulza stated, "but today's presidents are confronting these problems and should be recognized for that."
"Possible signs that you are confronting the wrong issue may be if you are constantly discussing the same problem.
When confronting a colleague who's not pulling his or her own weight, don't open your mouth until you've opened your mind.
Offering insight into the philosophy of Silas, the "Feeding Deacon", Feasting With The Deacon seeks to connect the trials and tribulations of history with the modern-day questions confronting both spiritual and practical life.
Brenda Weber provides the concluding article, which identifies the many cultural issues confronting men in Western culture within the context of "makeover" reality television.
"There is no shortage of challenges confronting today's state and local tax professional," Mr.
When confronting the tasks of leadership, Cooner, whose purpose is to address the thinking that underlies the exercise of leadership, uses critical incident technique to explore themes in the principal internship and demonstrates the difficult, complicated and chaotic role of the school principal.
The story of confronting a bully will provide helpful insights for kids struggling with such in their own lives.
But, that's something you should talk about with your parents [redirect]." A good exercise is to have staff break into groups and generate the questions they are most concerned about confronting and then role-playing the responses.
In France, political correctness prevents police and civil authorities even from naming, let alone confronting, the fundamental cause of the riots and widespread destruction of private property; namely, the Islamization of formerly Christian Europe.
For those academics who pooh-pooh anything that appears to be of the "self-help" variety, this book may not rise to their level of "scholarship." However, academicians, therapists, and helpers who are looking for an easily readable, well documented book that does not shy away from all the issues confronting women who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, should recommend this to their students, clients, and friends.