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confront (one) with (something)

To approach one with the intention of presenting or discussing something unpleasant. If you confront him with evidence of his crime, I think he'll try to leave town.
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confront (one's)/the demons

To acknowledge and attempt to understand that which causes ongoing problems in one's life, such as fears, shortcomings, psychological trauma, addiction, etc. The fight with my girlfriend forced me to confront my demons and admit that I'm an alcoholic. With the help of a therapist, I was able to confront the demons that had gripped me since childhood, thanks to toxic messaging from my troubled mother.
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confront (something) head-on

To meet, oppose, or deal with something directly, without compromise or prevarication. I'm nervous about having to make a presentation to the entire board, but it is a challenge I will confront head-on. Instead of confronting them head-on, he decided to ignore the rumors until they were blown way out of proportion.
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confront someone with something

to face someone with incriminating evidence, charges of wrongdoing, or criticism. The angry husband confronted his wife with the evidence of her financial irresponsibility. The police confronted Wilson with the witness's statement.
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In cases where the confronter is a former user, it is specifically because of the similar life experiences of the substance user and confronter that issues of shame and stigma may be less apt to arise during confrontational interactions.
Le conseiller du president de la Republique pour les questions de securite communautaire, Dr Emad Hussein, a revele qu'un comite avec des competences administratives et organisatrices a ete forme pour travailler de concert avec le groupe de presse et tous les concernes a confronter ce phenomene, afin de reinserer ces enfants dans la communaute et les former pour les rehabiliter et les transformer en vrais citoyens.
lMichael Roberts reaches 100 for the season as Native Chieftain (Richard Hannon) takes the juvenile maiden at Brighton from Confronter (Paul Cole/Richard Quinn).
SIMON DOW'S Confronter finished eighth in the Prix des Peupliers at Cagnes- sur-Mer yesterday.
La mediatisation des violences et son emulation via les reseaux sociaux a juste permis d'en connaitre l'etendue, d'enlever les oeilleres, de briser certains tabous et de se confronter aux violences a en vomir.
Lors dae1/4aoune confUu[c]rence de presse organisUu[c]e, hier, au siUuA ge de Busines France AlgUu[c]rie, Lila Akli de Pi ae1/4"relation a soulignUu[c] que ces startup innovantes auront Uo[beaucoup moins que] la chance de prendre part Uu cet Uu[c]vUu[c]nement de grande envergure et de pouvoir prUu[c]senter leurs innovations et se confronter Uu lae1/4aoUu[c]cosystUuA me international Uo[beaucoup plus grand que].
S'adressant a la ceremonie organisee a cette occasion, Haroun a dit que les victoires remportees par les forces armees a l'Etat du Sud-Kordofan symbolisaient le sens veritable de l'independance et la determination a confronter les traEtres et les tentatives d'intervention etrangere.
L'assistant du chef de l'Etat pour les relations exterieures, Dr Essam Al-Hadad, a mis l'accent sur les efforts deployes par le president Mohamed Morsi pour confronter toute tentative visant a diviser la nation.
LINGFIELD: 1.20 Maknaas, 1.50 Shaman, 2.55 Mister Tricky (nap), 4.00 Confronter.
Leur sacrifice indeniable pour instaurer la paix parmi les citoyens et surtout confronter les contrevenants.
Lors d'une conference de presse organisee, hier, au siege de Busines France Algerie, Lila Akli de Pi --relation a souligne que ces startup innovantes auront [beaucoup moins que] la chance de prendre part a cet evenement de grande envergure et de pouvoir presenter leurs innovations et se confronter a l'ecosysteme international [beaucoup plus grand que].