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confront (one) with (something)

To approach one with the intention of presenting or discussing something unpleasant. If you confront him with evidence of his crime, I think he'll try to leave town.
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confront (one's)/the demons

To acknowledge and attempt to understand that which causes ongoing problems in one's life, such as fears, shortcomings, psychological trauma, addiction, etc. The fight with my girlfriend forced me to confront my demons and admit that I'm an alcoholic. With the help of a therapist, I was able to confront the demons that had gripped me since childhood, thanks to toxic messaging from my troubled mother.
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confront someone with something

to face someone with incriminating evidence, charges of wrongdoing, or criticism. The angry husband confronted his wife with the evidence of her financial irresponsibility. The police confronted Wilson with the witness's statement.
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According to Ready, the agent confronted the gunman after he had fired one shot into the air around midday Thursday and had refused to drop his weapon.
It comes after Britain's most senior judge reinforced the notion that a person's home is their castle, saying furious householders have the right to get rid of burglars in their homes and are not expected to remain calm when confronted by intruders.
But if opposition groups have ideas that are against the nation's security and the principles of the regime, they will be confronted," Khamenei noted.
In the hearing of the Word of God, if we dare to listen, we are undone, confronted by the Word and thrown to the ground.
Feasting With The Deacon is a spiritual novel exploring the questions, "As spiritual beings, must we first feed our souls or give that attention to our bodies?" and "What are the consequences of unconditional love?" The setting is the first century A.D., and Deacon Silas ben Gaddiel and his family seek to survive the conflicts among early Christians, share the joy inherent in experiencing the faith and such simple pleasures as sharing a meal, and the perils confronted daily by the faithful for living under the Roman rule of Nero.
The purpose of the PBL approach is to allow students to reach these insights themselves, after presentation of the leader and the situation which confronted them.
We must also remember that adolescents today--staff and campers--are confronted with a very different world compared to even twenty years ago.
Childhood sexual abuse is a topic that, while difficult to read about, is one that must be confronted by both its victims and those who help them to heal.
But there was no mistaking the message from Clinton, according to the author of a new book on Blair and his relationship with America: "Washington was happy to have Britain as an ally, but only so long as Britain followed Washington's agenda" This would not be the last time Tony Blair was confronted with being the decidedly junior partner in his country's "special relationship."
A TAXI driver was attacked and injured as he confronted yobs who had kicked his cab.
Exhausted, she eventually makes her return to Iran, only to be confronted with the horrible after-effects of the war, including the deaths of many friends.
Why is Arthur Finkelstein not being confronted by every gay organization in the country ["A Roy Cohn for Our Time?" May 24]?
After being confronted by a group of over a dozen angry young men and women in his front yard on February 18 and being physically attacked, a North Oakland, California, homeowner shot his attacker.
The opening sentence set forth the Church's deepest belief: "The redeemer of man, Jesus Christ, is the centre of the universe and history." With that as basis, he confronted every major controversy in the Church: catechesis (1979); the mercy of God (Advent '80); human suffering (Feb.
For better or worse, however, we now are living in a new century in which we are confronted with new technologies every time we turn around.