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conform to (something)

To follow or adhere to a particular set of rules, regulations, or norms. Please be advised that your construction project needs to conform to all building codes.
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conform with (something)

To adhere to a specific plan or directions. The playhouse you built can't possibly conform with the instructions—the foundation's all lopsided!
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conform to something

to agree with or behave within guidelines or regulations. I hope that your policies will conform to our guidelines. Does my casual dress conform to your regulations?
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conform with something

to match or agree with a model, plan, or set of specifications. (Compare this with conform to something.) Does this part conform with the specifications? This one conforms with them quite well.
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Let us consider the complete set of "parallel" conformers crossing any resisting area (cross-sectional or tangential, in tensile or shear situations, respectively) within the material, and let us focus on the local, nonaffine, microscopic strains within the material, rather than on the constant overall strain, [[sigmma].sub.o].
Consequently, the examination of the molecular structure of each conformer of lisinopril confirmed that the distance [r.sub.43-58] in the cis conformer is indeed smaller than the distance in the trans form.
[[alpha]].sub.D.sup.23] = +16.7 (c = 1.5,CH[Cl.sub.3]); [1.sup]H NMR(500 MHz, CD[Cl.sub.3], conformer mixture): [delta] = 7.36-7.15 (m, 12H, Ar-H, CH), 5.57/5.58 (d, J = 15.4 Hz, 1H, CH), 5.21-5.02 (m, 4H, Bn-[CH.sub.2]), 4.96-4.82 (m, 1H, Ch), 3.67/3.65 (s, 3H, [CH.sub.3]), 2.42 (m, 1H, [CH.sub.2]), 2.12 (m, 1H, [CH.sub.2]), 1.89-1.76 (m, 2H, [CH.sub.2]).
Martinez (2003) and the findings of this study indicate conformer and resistant learners seem most likely to do what they are told is good for them.
dragging ketophenol molecule in ketophenol solvent, at low values of [gamma] (1[ ps.sup.-1] and below) the restraint-free conformer (1) transforms into the conformer (2).
This insight was derived from computer-based molecular modeling calculations that verified the existence of high-energy conformers and showed that an energy barrier lies between the high-energy and low-energy conformers.
242-243C; IR (ATR, max, cm-1): 3181 (NH), 1671 (C=O), 1621, 1599 (C=N); 1H-NMR: I' 4.23 and 4.26 (s, 2H, benzyl CH2, trans/cis conformers), 5.14 and 5.59 (s, 2H, N-CH2, cis/trans conformers), Ar-H: [7.28 (d, 2H, J = 8.0 Hz), 7.37-7.40 (m, 4H), 7.49 (d, 2H, J= 12.0 Hz), 7.82 (t, 2H, J= 8.0 Hz), 7.96 (d, 2H, J = 8.0 Hz) ], 8.06 and 8.25 (s, 1H, -N=CH, trans/cis conformers), 11.86 and 11.91 (s, 1H, NH, trans/cis conformers); 13C-NMR: I' 30.82 (benzyl CH2), 49.99 and 50.49 (N-CH2 trans/cis conformers),
Here [c.sub.1], [c.sub.2] and [c.sub.3] represent respectively concentration of the TT, TG, and GG conformers.
Elle lui a egalement ordonne de se conformer aux dispositions de sa decision n[degrees]15 en date du 14 avril 2011 telle que modifiee par sa decision n[degrees]159 en date 20 decembre 2012 portant adoption de lignes directrices sur les offres de services de detail offertes par les operateurs de reseaux publics de telecommunications.
Le ministere des Affaires etrangeres a qualifie cette decision manque de professionnalisme, d'objectivite et de verite et avait pour but de se conformer a une attitude constante qui reste hostile au Soudan pendant une periode de deux decennies.
Les entreprises etrangeres sont toujours les bienvenues au Zimbabwe, a-t-il dit, mais elles doivent se conformer aux lois du pays.
This computational organic chemistry study illustrates that the most stable conformer of the title amino acid in gas phase is (I).
Selon le communique, le recrutement de Sahabi s'impose pour se conformer au cahier de charges exige par la Federation qui se bat corps et ame pour mettre sur la tete une casquette professionnelle et qui oblige les equipes dites professionnelles a recruter un entraEneur ayant la licence A.