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conform to (something)

To follow or adhere to a particular set of rules, regulations, or norms. Please be advised that your construction project needs to conform to all building codes.
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conform with (something)

To adhere to a specific plan or directions. The playhouse you built can't possibly conform with the instructions—the foundation's all lopsided!
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conform to something

to agree with or behave within guidelines or regulations. I hope that your policies will conform to our guidelines. Does my casual dress conform to your regulations?
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conform with something

to match or agree with a model, plan, or set of specifications. (Compare this with conform to something.) Does this part conform with the specifications? This one conforms with them quite well.
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When we are conformed to Christ in his suffering and death we are also conformed to Christ in his glory.
Marked with the sign of the cross, we are promised the victory of the resurrection, transformation from lives of self-indulgence to new life in Christ, and a sure and certain hope that we will be conformed to Christ in the age to come.
The ERC Forged Titanium Fairway Woods have always conformed to the COR rules set by the USGA and R&A.
With the industry's strongest support for conforming using OMFi, and real-time uncompressed HDTV I/O, projects that originated on an Avid Symphony(TM) or Media Composer(R) system can be quickly and automatically conformed and finished on the Avid|DS HD system to produce the highest quality HD masters.