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come into conflict

To cause tension with someone or something else. I came into conflict with Tiffany when she found out that I had started that rumor about her. I'm sorry, but I just can't support your plan—it comes into conflict with my religious beliefs.
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conflict of interest

A situation in which a person's or group's private interests may potentially be or come to be in opposition or conflict with their public or official role. A: "I heard that officer was removed from the case due to a conflict of interest." B: "Yeah, his cousin is now one of the suspects."
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conflict with (something)

To interfere or clash with something. Wait, no, I can't meet with you at 3:00—that conflicts with a conference call I have. I cannot support you in this action, sir, as it conflicts with my religious beliefs.
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come into conflict

[for things or people] to conflict or to be at odds with one another. The various policies came into conflict at the last moment. Bill and Bob came into conflict over almost everything.
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conflict with something

to clash with something. (Does not refer to fighting.) This date conflicts with my doctor's appointment. As far as I can tell, the date you suggest does not conflict with anything.
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conflict of ˈinterest(s)

a situation in which there are two jobs, aims, roles, etc. and it is not possible for both of them to be treated equally and fairly at the same time: There was a conflict of interest between his business dealings and his political activities.
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We agree with Ooms that there is a need to uncover the role of politics and power in order to be able to challenge "the role of the powerhouses of global health." But without a more conflictual concept of the political, he remains trapped within the situation he criticizes.
Moreover, the Iranian bellicosity and conflictual posturing brought domestic dividends but at the cost of international isolation, which continued during the rule of Ayatollah Khomeini and later during Mahmood Ahmadinejad's presidency.
Hoffman (1984) conceptualized psychological separation according to four dimensions: emotional independence, functional independence, attitudinal independence and conflictual independence.
Furthermore, functional independence in a positive direction and conflictual independence in a negative direction in relation to the mother-daughter psychological separation variable could also be used to significantly predict career self-efficacy, meaning that a female student who does not require assistance from her mother and who is able to manage her own personal affairs has higher career self-efficacy.
Implicit in this argument is that the DPRK escalates its conflictual rhetoric and behavior in response to the JMEs.
Ciertamente, el modelo conflictual al que responden cada uno de ellos no puede ser mas dispar, pues contamos desde un conflicto armado interno (el caso libio), hasta las consecuencias de una secesion dudosamente compatible con el derecho internacional (el caso Kosovar) que llevo a la Asamblea General a solicitar a la Corte Internacional de Justicia una opinion consultiva sobre la licitud de la proclamacion de independencia, pasando por la situacion mexicana o la nueva estrategia contra la guerrilla colombiana.
(21) Now, we argue that in addition to creating "bubbles" of peaceful space, these strategies also help to create ambiguous, contested, liminal, and, indeed, conflictual spaces.
BEIRUT: The family of Imam Musa Sadr has had a "conflictual" reaction to the killing of ousted Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, the lawyer of the Sadr family told The Daily Star Friday.
This conflictual situation was brought out on the field and blocked the census process.
Strategic Rivalries in World Politics, therefore, provides a much-needed and thorough engagement with the contestations that presage conflictual international behavior.
Relations between the chemical industry and the European Commission, conflictual during the long period of the drafting of new rules for the control and authorisation of chemical products (REACH Regulation), are calm and complementary at present.
In fact, although they use the mild act of mentioning much more than all the other speech acts (6 times), they are the only group to use the full range of acts, including the conflictual act of blaming, as in the following example: (5)
One of the most important aspects of this book is the conflictual worldview of most in the Muslim world.
Classrooms appear to be better managed by teachers, and students are more positively engaged and exhibit less conflictual behavior.