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come into conflict

To cause tension with someone or something else. I came into conflict with Tiffany when she found out that I had started that rumor about her. I'm sorry, but I just can't support your plan—it comes into conflict with my religious beliefs.
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conflict of interest

A situation in which a person's or group's private interests may potentially be or come to be in opposition or conflict with their public or official role. A: "I heard that officer was removed from the case due to a conflict of interest." B: "Yeah, his cousin is now one of the suspects."
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conflict with (something)

To interfere or clash with something. Wait, no, I can't meet with you at 3:00—that conflicts with a conference call I have. I cannot support you in this action, sir, as it conflicts with my religious beliefs.
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come into conflict

[for things or people] to conflict or to be at odds with one another. The various policies came into conflict at the last moment. Bill and Bob came into conflict over almost everything.
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conflict with something

to clash with something. (Does not refer to fighting.) This date conflicts with my doctor's appointment. As far as I can tell, the date you suggest does not conflict with anything.
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conflict of ˈinterest(s)

a situation in which there are two jobs, aims, roles, etc. and it is not possible for both of them to be treated equally and fairly at the same time: There was a conflict of interest between his business dealings and his political activities.
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Physician-physician conflict, physician-nurse conflict, nurse-nurse conflict, provider-patient-family conflict, health care provider-insurance conflict--the list of conflicts in health care is seemingly endless.
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