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confiscate (something) from (someone)

To take something away from someone, often as a form of punishment. I always confiscate cell phones from students who try to use them in my classroom.
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confiscate something from someone or something

to seize or impound something from someone or a group. The police confiscated all the stolen property from the suspect's garage. The clean confiscated the beer from the dormitory.
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Gordan Stankovik, President of the Chamber of Property Confiscators, said earlier in an interview with Vecer that property confiscators forcibly collected last year from firms and citizens 127.78 million euros, the highest sum in their 8-year work even though they received a smaller number of files.
For IMF boss Christine Lagarde, what the would-be global wealth confiscators are demanding is simply part of formulating a "just" fiscal policy.
Gun control is a losing issue for would-be confiscators. That is why even liberals, like President Obama, find it necessary to embrace-or at least pretend to embrace--an individualist view of the Second Amendment.
RACIAL CLEANSING AND THE CONFISCATORS! Evil cannot be a simple sideshow--the momentary ogle of a bearded lady or a lewd peek at some hermaphrodite's minuscule appliances.
"Why won't you gun nuts at least compromise a little on gun control?" For four decades, that has been the baseline argument of the confiscators.