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confiscate (something) from (someone)

To take something away from someone, often as a form of punishment. I always confiscate cell phones from students who try to use them in my classroom.
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confiscate something from someone or something

to seize or impound something from someone or a group. The police confiscated all the stolen property from the suspect's garage. The clean confiscated the beer from the dormitory.
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Robbing the Jew: The Confiscation of Jewish Property in the Holocaust, 1933-1945, by Martin Dean.
Southern lawmakers had no interest in reunion, thus Confederate confiscation laws were harsher and more thoroughly enforced than their Northern counterparts.
These sometimes-small differences highlight how and why confiscation worked itself out differently than the Tudor dissolutions.
When we look around the West and, for that matter, around the country, virtually all of the injustice of the confiscation of private property could have been avoided simply by a sheriff upholding his duties and exercising his jurisdiction.
2) To support the residents of the three villages, Bi'neh, Dayr Al-Assad and Nahaf, in their struggle to revoke the confiscation decision mentioned above and to call upon the authorities to stop the confiscation of lands owned by the Arabs in Israel.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday pledged to introduce new powers allowing the confiscation of criminals' ill-gotten gains - despite the Scottish court's ruling.
Hence our freedom from arbitrary confiscations beyond a certain point is safeguarded by a technology that makes seizure of physical property not nearly so important as transfers of financial, commercial, and intellectual capital.
The deadline may, however, be postponed, for instance if the confiscation would hurt an ongoing criminal investigation.
Chief-Editor of al-Tayyar Osman Merghani told Sudan Tribune he didn't receive "clear and real" response from the NISS officers to his question about the repeated confiscations.
Lors de son audition, ce mardi 24 octobre 2017, par la commission des finances de l'ARP sur le projet de la loi de finances complementaire relatif a l'annee 2017, le ministre des Finances, Ridha Chalghoum, a annonce la levee de l'administration judiciaire sur 15 societes concernees par la confiscation et ce, dans l'objectif de faciliter le processus, accelerer la vente des biens immobiliers et engranger des recettes supplementaires au profit du budget de l'Eetat.
TAP)- The confiscation commission, announced on Friday, the confiscation of the property of eight businessmen and smugglers, arrested or under house arrest during this week for involvement in "corruption" and "breach of the state security".
Driving under the influence of drugs or similar substances: Decided by court, 23 black points and confiscation 60 days
The court orders the confiscation of ex-president's properties in the hearing.
These include repeated demolitions and confiscations of human and animal shelters at Al Hadidiya in Tubas Governorate in late November and the dismantlement and confiscation of tents there on 3 rd December.