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confiscate (something) from (someone)

To take something away from someone, often as a form of punishment. I always confiscate cell phones from students who try to use them in my classroom.
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confiscate something from someone or something

to seize or impound something from someone or a group. The police confiscated all the stolen property from the suspect's garage. The clean confiscated the beer from the dormitory.
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A cinema in Ski, Norway has said that it will stop confiscating sweets from children who have not bought them at the cinema.
New security measures implemented at London-Heathrow Airport, UK after the terrorist attacks on the United States have resulted in security staff confiscating 20,000 potentially dangerous items from passengers' hand luggage.
The owner, Mohammad Thawabtah, told WAFA Israeli army forces raided Khallet Heja, fired grenades, shut down the area before raiding his stone quarry and confiscating a bulldozer, bagger, compressor and deployment generator.
Sakr requested to start investigations with Naim Abbas and two other persons into the case of confiscating a car that contains 150 kilograms of explosives in Tarik Jdideh locality.