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confirm (one) in (something)

To incorporate one more thoroughly into a religion through a specific ceremony. The bishop will confirm the students in the church later this year.
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confirm someone in something

to perform a religious rite that ties one more closely to one's religion. They confirmed her in the church this morning.
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tuberculosis, may be helpful in understanding the dynamics of TB between humans and other animals, genotyping has become the standard for confirming the association.
Might the Holy Spirit be at work in our practice of confirming at a later age?
Responding corporations were unanimous in the view that a business information return program would produce no internal benefits to the payee corporation in confirming corporate income.
Sauter, CPA, technical manager, AICPA auditing standards division, illustrate how auditors may design confirmation requests to help obtain evidence about the adequacy of disclosures confirming deposit and investment information of state and local governments.
Fourteen brain specimens were positive in reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction assays, confirming the presence of West Nile/Kunjin virus.
In 1997, two types of meronts and sexual stages were observed in jejunal enterocytes of biopsy specimens from infected patients excreting oocysts, confirming that the entire life cycle could be completed within a single host (3); infected persons excrete unsporulated oocysts.