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confirm (one) in (something)

To incorporate one more thoroughly into a religion through a specific ceremony. The bishop will confirm the students in the church later this year.
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confirm someone in something

to perform a religious rite that ties one more closely to one's religion. They confirmed her in the church this morning.
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Last month Jeremy Corbyn saw off an attempt to commit the party to a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal, and Labour will instead only back a fresh vote only if it cannot either win the changes it wants to Mrs May's deal or secure a general election.
The issue of a confirmatory referendum has been an internal battleground within Labour ranks, with Sir Keir pushing for one but shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, also part of the negotiating team, less keen.
De Venecia said the company has budgeted around P50 million for the confirmatory well, part of the P60-70 million set allocated for its geothermal prospects.
For identification of diabetes cases diagnosed during the first five years of follow-up, the confirmatory definition had moderate sensitivity (54.9 percent) but high specificity (98.1 percent), which increased to 99.6 percent by 15 years.
To determine the clinician's intent for performing nail clipping, we manually reviewed electronic medical record corresponding to the clinical visit associated with confirmatory testing order using the following criteria: (1) clinical note strongly suggested a clinical diagnosis of onychomycosis or used a phrase like "consistent with onychomycosis"; (2) physical examination documented onychodystrophy of fungal etiology; or (3) reason for biopsy was listed as "to confirm onychomycosis."
The DexCom system is the only COM system approved by the FDA for use without finger sticking or confirmatory monitoring.
Confirmatory methodology for experiments includes certain key practices: prespecification of the statistical methods and the criteria for acceptable evidence, sample sizes based on power analysis, public prospective registration of experiments, experimental procedures that make intentional or unintentional data alterations by one person difficult, documented formal validation of software, and sharing data for analyses by others (Kennedy, 2013a, 2013b, 2014b; KPU Registry, 2014).
Rather, it is necessary for a pilot study to be designed and evaluated along with its companion confirmatory study, which is to be conducted after the pilot study if the findings from the pilot study support the decision to move forward with the confirmatory study.
Speaking about the possibility of a second confirmatory drilling, Ellinas recalled that when the CEO of Noble, Charles Davidson, announced the conduct of confirmatory drilling in Block 12 last year, OTC Huston had said that there was a 25 per cent likelihood that a second confirmatory drilling would be required..
(1) However, laboratory practice is inconsistent in the use of urine confirmatory tests for the presence of ketones and bilirubin in urine.
Double-disc synergy test (DDST) and CLSI confirmatory test were compared for the phenotypic detection of ESBL K.
Confirmatory drilling in block 12 of Cyprus` exclusive economic zone will begin as soon as the rig is transferred there, in mid- or late June, and is expected to be completed by October, Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Yiorgos Lakkotrypis has said.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff is scheduling a public meeting in Metropolis, Ill., to discuss a confirmatory order issued to Honeywell Metropolis Works and to discuss the company's actions to modify the plant to meet NRC requirements.
The main confirmatory research question guiding the design of the impact evaluation is: "What is the impact of Success for All (SFA) on elementary school students' reading achievement, compared to students in non-SFA schools?" An answer to this question will determine the assessment of whether SFA is successful at turning around low-performing schools.