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confirm (one) in (something)

To incorporate one more thoroughly into a religion through a specific ceremony. The bishop will confirm the students in the church later this year.
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confirm someone in something

to perform a religious rite that ties one more closely to one's religion. They confirmed her in the church this morning.
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In general, auditors should send positive requests to confirm large accounts receivable balances, as no sampling risk is acceptable for individual receivable balances exceeding tolerable misstatement for a given engagement.
Our RT-PCR results confirm that HCV is present in Uganda, albeit at a low prevalence.
356-3(b) confirms that, even when no securities are surrendered, Sec.
0-2 -- "We should return to the practice of the early church and baptize, confirm, and give Eucharist at the same time.
The new American Institute of CPAs standard form to confirm account balance information with financial institutions addresses only basic information about deposits and loans at a financial institution; it does not provide evidence about other matters that may require disclosure.
To confirm the PCR diagnosis, amplicons were digested with the HindIII restriction endonuclease (predicted digestion pattern: 3 fragments of 525 bp, 21 bp, and 27 bp).
Sixteen additional samples were evaluated to confirm the effectiveness of SNV ELISA in diagnosing hantavirus infection: 12 from patients in whom HPS was clinically suspected and 4 previously confirmed by ALI in the city of Sao Paulo between May 1998 and August 1999.