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confide (something) to (one)

To share some secret with one, usually with the understanding that one will not reveal it to anyone else. You can confide anything to me—I'm your best friend! This issue is just so embarrassing that I can't possibly confide it to anyone.
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confide in (one)

To share one's secrets with someone, usually a trusted person unlikely to divulge them. Of course you can confide in me—I'm your best friend! This issue is just so embarrassing that I can't possibly confide in anyone about it.
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confide in someone

to trust someone with one's secrets or personal matters. Sally always confided in her sister Ann. She didn't feel that she could confide in her mother.
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confide something in someone

 and confide something to someone
to tell a secret or private matter to someone, trusting that the person will not reveal the secret. I learned not to confide anything secret in Bob. Tom really needed to confide his inner fears to someone.
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"I'm really looking forward to riding Confiding. It's really good that the Meades have backed me and were happy for me to keep the ride on this big stage, which is fantastic.
By confiding to us some of the vivid and often distressing emotions from his own experience, Neilson brings the doctor closer to us, as human rather than superhuman.
Annan has since designated April 7 as the "International Day of Reflection on the Genocide of Rwanda." He also continues to insist that the key lesson of Rwanda is not the foolishness of confiding in the UN, but the need to give the world body more power.
The dancers' confiding, shyly eager-to-please style calls for close-range viewing.
"Initially we were going to give them money but we ended up not giving them any and just forgave them the arrears," West said, confiding it was questionable as to how much the A&P owed, since A&P also claimed they wanted certain improvements.
You don't want him to stop confiding in you either.
You don't want her to stop confiding in you either.
There's humor as well as heartbreak, and Colt's confiding, honest tone and his plight will keep readers turning the pages.
While confiding in her big brother, Izzy reveals all about the blackmail plot and her affair.
Soon Chiaki is writing letters to her father, at first formal and brief, but later warm, confiding and lengthy.
Confiding in meddler Eva The Diva proves to be Kylie's biggest mistake.
She apologised when I told her I was upset about it, but I feel she's broken the trust we had between us and I won't feel happy confiding in her again.