confide in (one)

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confide in (one)

To share one's secrets with someone, usually a trusted person unlikely to divulge them. Of course you can confide in me—I'm your best friend! This issue is just so embarrassing that I can't possibly confide in anyone about it.
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confide something in someone

 and confide something to someone
to tell a secret or private matter to someone, trusting that the person will not reveal the secret. I learned not to confide anything secret in Bob. Tom really needed to confide his inner fears to someone.
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confide in someone

to trust someone with one's secrets or personal matters. Sally always confided in her sister Ann. She didn't feel that she could confide in her mother.
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It's more about letting her know that she can confide in you if she needs to rather than a conversation about the birds and the bees.
But you can't then flip out if she does tell you certain things because she won't confide in you again.
Joshi was polite when he said the ship was the result of " exceptional perseverance", Antony remarked, " Now that the ship is ours, I can confide in you. The whole programme very nearly failed." " The Indians changed a lot of specifications, and asked for many things that had not been contracted initially," Igor Leonov, chief commissioning officer for the Vikramaditya project, said.