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(open) confession is good for the soul

The act of confessing one's misdeeds alleviates stress and guilt. You'll feel better if you just tell mom that you broke the vase. Open confession is good for the soul, after all.
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(Open) confession is good for the soul.

Prov. If you have done something wrong, you will feel better if you confess that you did it. You ought to tell Dad that you broke his radio. Open confession is good for the soul. Sue: I've been so upset about cheating on the exam that I haven't been sleeping nights. Sam: You can do something about it; confession is good for the soul.
See also: confession, good, soul
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Among the publications he shared with us was a pamphlet entitled "The Benefits of Confession.
Since the Connelly decision, courts and scholars have framed the admissibility of a confession in terms of whether it successfully deters future police misconduct.
He divides his history into three somewhat uneven parts: a broad survey of confession from its origin in the early church through the nineteenth century, in which he largely relies on the work of other scholars; a more focused account of twentieth-century changes in the Catholic Church including his own experiences in seminary; and an analysis of contemporary first-person testimonies and reports of abuse.
More than one person said through teary eyes that they had not been to confession in more than 30 years, and it felt so good to be back in the sacrament.
An official of the Manila Archdiocese Liturgical Commission has urged regular churchgoers to take advantage of the daily confessions heard in churches to ease the long confession lines during the "Kumpisalang Bayan" (Mass Confessions) designed for those who seldom attend Mass.
The confession though visible to your connections, doesn't tell the identity of the person actually sharing it.
So when I picked up his new book, The Dark Box: A Secret History of Confession, imagine my surprise when I found in its pages a lucid and honest history of the development of sacramental confession, plus some rather balanced observations on its uses and abuses.
The Confession of Belhar has particular relevance to the Presbyterian Church (U.
The novel commences with a confession sealed by the novel's narrator, an English teacher of languages: "To begin with I wish to disclaim the possession of those high gifts of imagination and expression which would have enabled my pen to create for the reader the personality of the man who called himself, after the Russian custom, Cyril son of Isidor--Kirylo Sidorovitch--Razumov" (3).
One of the first references to a false confession was recorded in 1660.
The text of my confession of plotting to attack US forces arrived to me in a fax message and I was ordered to write it in the confession statement with my signature," the defendant said.
CARDINAL Sean Brady is worried that priests could be forced to squeal on child molesters who confess in confession.
He explores how the seal of confession in Catholic canon law found its way into common law in anglophone culture, and why it was said to have been extinguished.
One cannot speak in any way of confessing via iPhone," Fr Lombardi said on Thursday, adding that confession required the presence of the penitent and the priest.
Summary: The Vatican has said that Catholics cannot confess via a new confession app for the iPhone.