confess to (someone or something)

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confess to (someone or something)

1. To admit something. I don't think he has any intention of confessing to the crime. Everyone knows that you have a crush on Lauren, so you might as well just confess to it!
2. To admit something to someone. I don't think he has any intention of confessing to the police. Everyone knows that you have a crush on Lauren, so you might as well just confess to us!
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confess something to someone

 and confess to someone
to admit something to someone; to admit having done something to someone. Tom confessed his involvement to the boss. Max confessed to the police.
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confess to something

to admit having done something. He will not confess to the crime. In the end, Max confessed to it.
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confess to

1. To admit to doing something: The kids confessed to eating all the ice cream. I will not confess to a crime I did not commit!
2. To admit something to someone: The thief confessed the crime to the police.
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KILLER dentist Colin Howell has just one regret about confessing to his heinous crimes - trusting his then wife to stand by him, it was claimed last night.
The newsletter-like video mentioned a "terrorist cell" that was allegedly established in Gharbeya in November 2015 and showed its members confessing to the camera.
Confessing to some bad behavior was more common than making a full confession among those who cheated as much as possible in the study.
confessing to me," Oprah said to the audience, to cheers.
Even in the comfort of their own homes Brits are willing to break the law, with 15% of adults admitting to watching TV without a licence and a further 35% confessing to downloading music, films or pornography illegally.
Bertram understands times for confessing to be unique events when Christians disobey the authorities, including the church's own, in order to testify to the integrity of the church's confession of the one gospel of Jesus Christ.
But theywere praised by police and the courts for confessing to so many additional crimes.
Marque Clark, 31, was arrested Monday night after failing a lie detector test and confessing to the rape, said Capt.
Surveys show how frequent infidelity is, with one in five partners confessing to having cheated on a long-term lover.
This imagery is made explicit (presented as an actual elevator-into--confessional transition) in a scene in Le Confessionnal in which the pregnant 16-year-old Rachel tells Lepage's young Montgomery Cliff-like priest that her sin (a contemplation of suicide) is "too horrible to forgive" and he replies that she is not confessing to him but rather to God.
A BBC reporter - who spent six months undercover with the BNP - recorded another of the group's members, Steve Barkham, confessing to taking part in an attack on an Asian man.
In a carefully crafted move the day prior, Ryan (R), pardoned four members of the Death Row 10-Madison Hobley, Stanley Howard, Aaron Patterson, and LeRoy Orange--all African American men who had been tortured, by Commander Jon Burge, into confessing to crimes they say they did not commit.
The coercive aspect comes from investigators' statements that remaining silent will lead to greater penalties, but confessing to a minimized scenario will result in reward.
PRESIDENT Bush yesterday laughed off claims that a tape of bin Laden confessing to the New York atrocities was a fake.
In 1997 in Alaska, Richard Bingham was acquitted despite confessing to a rape and murder: On tape, jurors saw that Bingham, who suffered from alcoholic blackouts, confessed to the crime but kept missing all the cues the interrogators fed him as they steered him to the correct details.