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confess to (someone or something)

1. To admit something. I don't think he has any intention of confessing to the crime. Everyone knows that you have a crush on Lauren, so you might as well just confess to it!
2. To admit something to someone. I don't think he has any intention of confessing to the police. Everyone knows that you have a crush on Lauren, so you might as well just confess to us!
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confess something to someone

 and confess to someone
to admit something to someone; to admit having done something to someone. Tom confessed his involvement to the boss. Max confessed to the police.
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confess to something

to admit having done something. He will not confess to the crime. In the end, Max confessed to it.
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confess to

1. To admit to doing something: The kids confessed to eating all the ice cream. I will not confess to a crime I did not commit!
2. To admit something to someone: The thief confessed the crime to the police.
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136) Second, the common theme running through the theories courts have admitted is that they are based upon "an experience confessedly foreign .
Though I find it exceedingly difficult to extend any measure of clemency in a case involving the despicable crime of which this convict was confessedly guilty, yet I think that this is an exceptional case of its class.
The allegorist leaves the world of the given--his own passions--to talk of that which is confessedly less real, which is a fiction.
The volume, for example, gives us a mature Bunyan very sure of his place in two metaphysically unequal, conjugal worlds (one, seemingly, to be suffered with few companionable benefits of"real" value in a fleshly and legal here and now and the other to be enjoyed in the hereafter by way of eternal union with the heavenly Christ) and a younger Bunyan, the subject of a confessedly "speculative" psychoanalytical inquiry, who lacks all semblance of assurance and stability in troubling religious, political, military, and familial domains.
48) As Raoul Berger states: "Since lawmaking confessedly needs to be based on an
The Wild happens to be being killed by a culture that has openly and confessedly intended to eradicate, eliminate the wild, to conquer, tame, subjugate and destroy it all -- a culture that is the active enemy of all life -- certainly of all self-willed -- wild life.
Everywhere on earth, save where the enlightenment of the modern age is confessedly in eclipse, the movement is toward the completer and more enamored enfranchisement of the lower orders.
Confessedly, immunity is not clearly either a "mode of
This is usually implicit: in the judicial context, consider Justice Brandeis's famous formulation, which summarized various legal techniques for avoiding "unnecessary" constitutional questions and confrontations as rules the Court has "developed[] for its own governance in the cases confessedly within its jurisdiction.
When investigating a biblical text, confessedly Christian Old Testament scholars like myself can never be satisfied with having parsed Hebrew verbs, grasped the literary beauty of the narrative, felt the pathos of the psalmist, or appreciated the rhetoric of the prophets.
As yet, we have, confessedly, but partial glimmerings of her divine presence .
Read from a confessedly Christian perspective, the Isaiah passage testifies to this same Great Reversal of human expectations and worldviews.
Callisthenes' interest too is confessedly sexual ('Eros scripted my role as bandit; Eros made me weave these artful wiles to get you.
Agriculture, confessedly the largest interest of the nation, has, not a department, nor a bureau, but a clerkship only, assigned to it in the Government.
It is thus not always helpful or appropriate, especially if you live in Sydney, but it serves the confessedly polemical interests of this book, as it did in Archbishop Peter Carnley's similarly polemical book Reflections in Glass (2004).