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confess to (someone or something)

1. To admit something. I don't think he has any intention of confessing to the crime. Everyone knows that you have a crush on Lauren, so you might as well just confess to it!
2. To admit (to something) to someone. I don't think he has any intention of confessing to the police. Everyone knows that you have a crush on Lauren, so you might as well just confess to us!
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confess something to someone

 and confess to someone
to admit something to someone; to admit having done something to someone. Tom confessed his involvement to the boss. Max confessed to the police.
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confess to something

to admit having done something. He will not confess to the crime. In the end, Max confessed to it.
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confess to

1. To admit to doing something: The kids confessed to eating all the ice cream. I will not confess to a crime I did not commit!
2. To admit something to someone: The thief confessed the crime to the police.
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"However, the Court finds that language of the confessed judgment mandates that interest and attorney's fees are not included within the $117,500.00 amount but will rather be added 'thereon.' Thus, the confessed judgment improperly decrees interest upon interest, and a double recovery of attorney's fees."
'He confessed that he came from Edo state and has been kidnapping in Akure for sometimes but refused to mention his sponsors.
The suspects confessed to killing a young girl after gang raping her over suspicion of being an informant.
The first victim Shore confessed to killing was Laurie Lee Tremblay, who was 14 when she was killed in 1986.
BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces announced Thursday that a suspect in a shooting had confessed. H.Aa., born in 1955, confessed to shooting Mohammad H.
Judge Michael Taylor said he was sitting in private when Billy Dunlop confessed to him that he had killed his girlfriend Julie Hogg, 22, in Billingham in 1989.
One alleged member, named Abdel Rahaman Batat, confessed to planting bombs near a court house in Gharbyia while another member confessed to having attended a meeting in Tanta, in which masked militants gave lectures about street fighting.
CINCINNATI -- A man in Iraqi custody has confessed to killing a U.S.
Cheaters who confessed just part of their wrongdoing were also judged more harshly by others than cheaters who didn't confess at all, according to five experiments involving 4,167 people from all over the United States.
He also confessed that he participated in kidnapping 3 soldiers in the same area.
There were all kinds of different perspectives and they found it hard to say in words what their hearts knew and confessed. As they reached for the right words to say, there were many controversies; yet, the words finally found form in what we know today as the Nicene Creed.
A TEENAGER who confessed to rioting made a complete U-turn yesterday and denied the charge.
His youngest daughter, Clarissa, 18, sent a letter to him in jail, saying: "You've confessed before, why not confess again?" Her dad was jailed for life on Friday for sexually assaulting and murdering Sian O'Callaghan, 22, after picking her up in a taxi outside a club in Swindon in March last year.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Baghdad Provincial Council member confessed to be Qaeda member since 2005, Baghdad Police Commander announced today.
confessed that he was going to buy heroin capsules from G.K.