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confer (up)on (someone or something)

1. To discuss something with someone. We need to meet this afternoon and confer on the candidates we've interviewed so far. Your mother and I need to confer on this issue before we make a decision.
2. To bestow something, often a title or honor, on someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is often used between "confer" and "on," and "upon" can be used in place of "on." The queen will confer an official title upon him at the ceremony tonight.
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confer on someone or something (with someone)

 and confer (on someone or something) with someone; confer with someone (about someone or something); confer (with someone) about someone or something
to discuss someone or something. Let us confer on this matter with the headmaster. I want to confer with you on how to handle the problem. I need to confer with you about Walter.
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confer something (up)on someone

to grant something, such as an academic degree, to someone, usually in a ceremony. (Upon is more formal than on.) The university conferred an honorary degree upon her. They conferred degrees on 300 graduates this year.
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confer with someone

(about someone or something) Go to confer on someone or something (with someone)
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Similarly, the composition and formation of the National Honours Advisory Committee, as the Bill stands at present, does not make provision for broad civil society involvement, and thus inclusivity and consensus, in the processes of conferment of national honours.
The bill amending the Copyright Act seeks to make explicit the conferment of copyright protection on compilation of works such as databases and to make it an offense for a person to manufacture or trade in decoders of encrypted transmissions.
Karthik will be honored at LOMA's Annual Conference & Conferment in San Francisco, on September 17-19, 2006, where he will receive both his Top FFSI Award Global and Top AAPA Award Americas.
Casurao announced that the 11th PESE Conferment Rites on February 9 will be held at the Jesse M.
A person shall merit the conferment of a national honour if the person is a person who exhibited or exhibits exemplary qualities, actions or achievements of heroism, sacrifice, bravery, patriotism or leadership for the defence, benefit or betterment of the country or a county,' reads Section 4 (a) of the Act.
The Senate has unanimously adopted a resolution concurring in the posthumous conferment of the Quezon Service Cross - the highest award the nation can bestow on a person for outstanding civilian service - to the late Sen.
Bruce Obomeyoma Onobrakpeya on his conferment with the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM).
The Decorations, on behalf of the Government of Japan, conferment ceremony was held at the official residence of the Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, Takashi Kurai.
Every year, the non-profit and non-partisan organization, Rafto Foundation for Human Rights, Norway, selects the most distinguished individuals in the fields of human rights and democracy from around the world for conferment of the prestigious Rafto Prize.
Rodrigo Duterte to nominate the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago for conferment of the Quezon Service Cross.
More than 7,000 insurance executives will receive the CPCU designation in the conferment that will be part of the 72nd annual meeting of the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter Society in Honolulu, Sept.
The PM recognized the boldness of the slain student and advised the President of Pakistan to approve the conferment of Sitara-e-Shujjaat to Shaheed Aitizaz Hussain, a student of class 9 from District Hangu, the PM office said.
Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili, has denied accusations of unjustifiable mass conferment of Georgian
Justifying the conferment, mahant Ravindra Puri said: " There was a complaint that we had not been honouring the sadhus of South India.
He made the remarks shortly before the conferment ceremony to be held on