confer (up)on (someone or something)

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confer (up)on (someone or something)

1. To discuss something with someone. We need to meet this afternoon and confer on the candidates we've interviewed so far. Your mother and I need to confer on this issue before we make a decision.
2. To bestow something, often a title or honor, on someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is often used between "confer" and "on," and "upon" can be used in place of "on." The queen will confer an official title upon him at the ceremony tonight.
See also: confer

confer something (up)on someone

to grant something, such as an academic degree, to someone, usually in a ceremony. (Upon is more formal than on.) The university conferred an honorary degree upon her. They conferred degrees on 300 graduates this year.
See also: confer, on

confer on someone or something (with someone)

 and confer (on someone or something) with someone; confer with someone (about someone or something); confer (with someone) about someone or something
to discuss someone or something. Let us confer on this matter with the headmaster. I want to confer with you on how to handle the problem. I need to confer with you about Walter.
See also: confer, on
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The tales of woe told by the guests confer upon them the right to be recognized as individuals and endow moral power on the beleaguered storytellers.
Although the people in this volume - much like the characters in ``Buried Child,'' which is having a critically acclaimed run on Broadway - often find themselves magnetically drawn back home, they also gravitate, instinctively, toward solitude, toward a rootless existence that might confer upon them the freedom to invent themselves.