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confederate with (someone or something)

To unite or work together with someone or something. Those two groups confederated with each other to form this proposal.
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confederate with someone or something

to organize, join, or unite with someone or a group. A number of states confederated with one another and formed a loose association. I confederated with the neighbors and we filed a joint complaint.
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The existing system of regulations of lotteries and commercial bet-ting in Switzerland reflects the confederative structure of the country and the distribution of the legislative competence in the area of gambling and lotteries between the Swiss Confederation and the 26 Swiss Cantons.
In an unfriendly international context, confederative and nonimperial reunification of Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine was inconceivable, and therefore Jozef Pilsudski's republic emerged as a unitary state (chapter 7).
As John Rawls recognized, this may necessitate the establishment of new alliances or new institutions and practices to serve as a kind of confederative center and public forum.
The RCN has always been a "confederative" denomination with the local congregation as the basic entity, also in juridical terms.
He continued to write about the "loose coupling" of academic life, the "confederative" nature of the academic profession, and the strength of disciplinary norms in shaping the work of academics (Clark, 1987).
A small strategic planning staff directed by a policy board could nurture regionalism and weave the parts together, and representation could be based on federative or confederative models.
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