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confederate with (someone or something)

To unite or work together with someone or something. Those two groups confederated with each other to form this proposal.
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confederate with someone or something

to organize, join, or unite with someone or a group. A number of states confederated with one another and formed a loose association. I confederated with the neighbors and we filed a joint complaint.
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"They have Confederate flags on their most recent album cover," Pritzker's Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Emily Bittner wrote in an email.
Each participant with one confederate of each dyad solved the task in a separate room (without any means of communication).
His statue of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, which stands outside the West Virginia State Capitol, depicts the Confederate general as a war hero, with the wind blowing his coat slightly open at the waist, a sword in his left hand and a lit cannonball at his feet.
As of last year, Texas had over 180 Confederate symbols scattered across the state - and since a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last August, heated discussions over Confederate symbols in Texas have taken place in cities across the state.
But the push to remove Confederate symbols has spurred passions on both sides.
But is it true that everyone who defends or honors Confederate memorials is a Nazi?
Under fire, the University of Mississippi dropped its "Rebels" mascot, a Colonel Cornpone-style Confederate officer in 2003 because of the racial connotations associated with slavery.
Accordingly, themes and images of the Confederacy were soon adopted at the school, including the nickname "Rebels" and the Confederate battle flag.
Oxford and Greenwood have become the latest cities to stop flying the Mississippi flag because it contains a Confederate battle emblem.
In any event, the Reporter is committed to telling the whole truth and right next to the artist's sign calling for scrutiny of allegedly missing money at City Hall, which proudly hangs on the artist's home, a home which also doubles as the Lavinia Porter House Museum, hangs also a Confederate Flag.
On June 23, just a week after the massacre, an initiative to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House picked up steam.
Volunteer Confederate re-enactors wait for their demonstration at Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield National Park on the 151st anniversary of the battle i 11:55 PM 28 June 2015
Google Inc joined Inc and eBay Inc on Tuesday in pulling Confederate flag merchandise from their shopping site, following brick and mortar retailers in reacting to last week's racially motivated mass shooting at a historic black South Carolina church.
I AM deeply concerned by the news (ECHO, 19 April) that a memorial plaque will be unveiled in our city bearing a Confederate flag to British veterans of the American civil war.
The estimated 100,000 men who served in the four-year struggle between Union and Confederate forces are being honoured on both sides of the Atlantic.
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