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confederate with (someone or something)

To unite or work together with someone or something. Those two groups confederated with each other to form this proposal.
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confederate with someone or something

to organize, join, or unite with someone or a group. A number of states confederated with one another and formed a loose association. I confederated with the neighbors and we filed a joint complaint.
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Twenty years later, heightened sensitivities to the issue of slavery and its connections to the breakaway states resulted in removing the Confederate flag from the high school.
As far as the Confederate flag, a Pew Research poll finds that only 1-in-10 Americans, on average, has a positive reaction to the flag, while 30% have a negative reaction.
The suspect, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, espoused white supremacist views and proudly displayed the Confederate flag, which continues to be flown full-mast on the South Carolina State House grounds.
We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer," Walmart said in a statement last week, when the retail giant jumped on board banning the Confederate flag.
The Confederate battle flag is a necessary part of history and its .
We have determined that the Confederate flag violates our ads policies, which don't allow content that's generally perceived as expressing hate toward a particular group," a Google representative said in an emailed statement sent to Reuters.
But Texas refused to allow a plate with the Confederate flag, which many people associate with slavery and discrimination.
I and many Liverpool people object to this Confederate flag and its cause, and believe it has no place in our city.
military forces to defy the sovereign Confederate States of America's eastern port at Charleston, South Carolina, in 1861.
Rev Al Sharpton is leading a national boycott against hip-hop superstar Kanye West after he featured the confederate flag symbol on his clothing line.
Although the repatriation of Union dead represents one of the least-known chapters of Gettysburg, one of the saddest is the treatment the Confederate dead received after the battle.
John Bell Hood (June 1 1831 - August 30, 1879) was a Confederate general during the American Civil War.
Although Nathan Bedford Forrest only finished six months of education, his quick rise from private to general on the Confederate side in the Civil War was unprecedented.
Confederate Minds: The Struggle for Intellectual Independence in the Civil War South, by Michael T.
In the other four, the participant played in the presence of one confederate who was of the same or different ethnicity and who gambled for the entire session or quit the session after playing the slot-machine simulation five times.
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