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cone off

To use traffic cones to indicate that a section of a road or some area is closed. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cone" and "off." Police coned off the entire parking lot while the crime scene investigation was under way. We'll need to cone the road off until the repair work is done.
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1. A stupid person. Did you hear that guy's ridiculous question? Geez, what a conehead.
2. Someone who is very intelligent, but with very narrow interests. Smart as he is, I doubt he'll be able to help you change your tire—he's a real conehead.
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1. n. a fool; an oaf. You can be pretty much of a conehead yourself sometimes, you know.
2. n. an intellectual; a pointy-head. They build fences around universities to keep the coneheads in.


n. the breasts; female breasts. She ain’t much in the cones department.
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The growth of automotive industry in Latin America is expected to help in the growth of speaker cone material market up to a certain extent.
Through the experiment, the researchers saw how the water caused the clay balls to erode and turn into cones.
Wayne VanAntwerpen, crusher technology product manager, said, "The new range of TG Spider Bearing cones, being offered in both the large feed secondary and the 'all-rounder" tertiary configuration, will put us in a complete class of our own.
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One of its most notable feats is a product called Adlay Sweet Cone. Adlay, known as a healthy, versatile food ingredient, can be easily ground into flour and used to make bread, pasta, porridge, among others.
Especially suited to schools the Cone Bake concept offers infinite options.
A formidable figure in life, Cone leaves a considerable legacy: as a pioneering figure in the development of black theology; as mentor to several generations of black theologians and preachers; and as someone who worked across boundaries to find common cause with other liberation theologians, such as Gustavo Gutierrez.
Making the perfect McDonald's Ice Cream Cone is not as easy as one might think, there is a technique to it.
The limitation of this paper is that the causal relationship between the change of cone expression and refractive development remains unclear.
Caption: Researchers have learned surprising lessons about color vision by using precisely targeted lasers (green line) to stimulate single cone cells (red, green and blue dots) in human retinas.
30 September 2016 - US-based ice-cream cone maker Joy Cone Co has acquired US-based novelty ice cream cone, wafer, and inclusion producer BoDeans Baking Group, the company said.
Sources said that San Miguel's big boss Ramon Ang had already made a decision to send Cone to Ginebra after turning the Star Hotshots into a Grand Slam team in 2014.
The King Cone Americano collection of indulgent American parlour-style ice cream cones, has been entered into the Food Review|Symrise New Product Competition .
Eugene wood products company Zip-O-Log Mills paid $1.55 million to buy the Cone Lumber mill property in Goshen, according to a deed filed with the Lane County Clerk's Office Tuesday, capping negotiations that began as far back as 2011.