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1. A stupid person. Did you hear that guy's ridiculous question? Geez, what a conehead.
2. Someone who is very intelligent, but with very narrow interests. Smart as he is, I doubt he'll be able to help you change your tire—he's a real conehead.


1. n. a fool; an oaf. You can be pretty much of a conehead yourself sometimes, you know.
2. n. an intellectual; a pointy-head. They build fences around universities to keep the coneheads in.


n. the breasts; female breasts. She ain’t much in the cones department.
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The spherical cap of the small cone is of platinum, so as not to melt by the action of the cylinder and blow-pipe, for the latter are placed upon the bottom of the iron tank in the midst of the helicoidal spiral, and the extremity of their flame will slightly touch the cap in question.
The cylinder once lighted, the hydrogen in the spiral and in the concave cone becomes heated, and rapidly ascends through the pipe that leads to the upper part of the balloon.
It then busily hops about the entangled mass of rotting cones and branches, with its little tail cocked upwards.
Bent on showing that he was not offended, he made himself as agreeable as possible, wound cotton for Meg, recited poetry to please Jo, shook down cones for Beth, and helped Amy with her ferns, proving himself a fit person to belong to the `Busy Bee Society'.
Other variations include The Original cone that has fresh fruit and brownie at the bottom covered with a mountain of vanilla ice cream, but this one's topped with fruit, chocolate sauce and nuts.
Throughout Weir Minerals, we strive to provide customers with the best possible equipment to meet their crushing needs, which is why we developed the Trio TP cone crusher range," said Kurt O'Bryan, global product manager for crushing and screening at Weir Minerals.
Because the eye is constantly jiggling, the researchers had to determine the pattern of the eye movements to predict where cone cells would be several milliseconds in the future.
In addition to BoDeans Baking Group, Joy Cone Co is simultaneously acquiring Altesa, the largest ice cream cone producer in Mexico.
30 September 2016 - US-based ice-cream cone maker Joy Cone Co has acquired US-based novelty ice cream cone, wafer, and inclusion producer BoDeans Baking Group, the company said.
The King Cone Choc Brownie, chocolate and fudge-flavoured ice cream wrapped in an American Style wafer cone.
For more than 70 years, the sawmill opened by family patriarch Edwin Cone in Goshen produced millions of board feet of lumber, employing hundreds.
The researchers say this shows some hope for stem cell therapy that could regenerate damaged cones in people, especially in the cone-rich regions of the retina that provide daytime/color vision.
This is the first time in an animal research model that stem cells have only repaired damaged cones," said Allison.
A cone strength test using the new support rig on Stable Micro Systems' TA.