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conduct (someone or something) away

To move someone or something away from someone or something else. Go out and conduct the kids away from the pool. I was quick to conduct the dog away from the stray cat.
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conduct (someone or something) into (some place)

To move or lead someone or something into a particular place or area. Can you conduct the kids into the house for birthday cake? I was quick to conduct the dog into the house when I noticed the stray cat.
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conduct (someone or something) out of (some place)

To move or lead someone or something out of a particular place or area. Can you conduct the kids out of the house for relay races? Once the stray cat was gone, I conducted the dog out of the house for a walk.
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conduct in

To direct, lead, or guide someone or something into a particular place or area. A noun or pronoun can be used between "conduct" and "in." Could you please you conduct everyone in for the performance? A guard stood conducting in cars after checking their security clearance.
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conduct out

1. To direct, lead, or guide someone or something out of a particular place or area. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "conduct" and "out." The teacher conducted his students out of the room. Security personnel began conducting us out of the building.
2. To undertake or carry out something. I think we should conduct out our own research. The government has committed to conducting out a review of its current policy.
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conduct someone away (from someone or something)

to lead someone away from someone or something. The usher conducted the gentleman away from the front of the auditorium. Can you conduct Fred away from the area? Please conduct him away.
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conduct someone into something

 and conduct someone in
to lead someone into something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman into the hall. The host was pleased to conduct in the guest of honor.
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conduct someone out of something

 and conduct someone out
to lead someone out of something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman out of the hall. The cop conducted out the gang of rowdy youths.
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Whenever the government ignores the constitutional requirement of conducting searches only under "probable cause," abuses inevitably occur.
But Mogrelia decided to play along; be went for an interview, survived an audition, and found himself conducting a matinee of Roland Petit's L'Arlesienne without an orchestral rehearsal.
The answer could affect the liability of those conducting the investigation and could affect the privacy of that information.
Apparently, some taxpayers and their advisers have debated the feasibility of conducting a study that follows the revenue procedure.
Composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein's reputation is forever assured thanks to such Broadway masterpieces as West Side Story--his collaboration with Stephen Sondheim--and Candide, which features the coloratura lavender anthem "Glitter and Be Gay." Equally memorable are Bernstein's documented declarations in private of his publicly flaunted bisexuality (prompting one New York Times reviewer to call his Mahler conducting "effeminate") and his larger-than-life, kiss-everyone-in-sight personality, which caused one of his friends to cable him, on the morning of his 1973 concert for the pope, "Remember--the ring, not the lips."
By conducting a frequency sweep during the cures, it was further observed that the part exhibited a peak on the 2 kHz inverse capacitance that occurred at approximately 50 seconds.
While the companies are conducting the required studies, saline-filled breast implants remain on the market.
Zimmerman recommends that business owners conducting business with the government take the following factors into consideration when deciding whether to implement EDI now or later:
This unit's function, in part, continues to be that of taking information developed during the course of an examination and conducting a specialized investigation or examination to determine what, if any, laws have been violated through activity conducted at a bank.
An initial starting point in this process was conducting a series of focus groups.
* Improvement of physician executives' performance in conducting team meetings was accomplished by the consultant's attending selected team meetings led by physician executives, providing feedback and development suggestions related to their effectiveness as team leaders.
Inco has actually been conducting free-fall safety tests on its cages away from the shaft since 1940.
* Consider conducting independent research to locate the legitimate owner of the funds.
In two recent cases, however, the Tax Court cited changes that the taxpayer made in conducting his business in holding that the activity was engaged in for profit; see Rabinowitz, TC Memo 2005-188, and Morrissey, TC Suture.