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conduct (someone or something) away

To move someone or something away from someone or something else. Go out and conduct the kids away from the pool. I was quick to conduct the dog away from the stray cat.
See also: away, conduct

conduct (someone or something) into (some place)

To move or lead someone or something into a particular place or area. Can you conduct the kids into the house for birthday cake? I was quick to conduct the dog into the house when I noticed the stray cat.
See also: conduct

conduct (someone or something) out of (some place)

To move or lead someone or something out of a particular place or area. Can you conduct the kids out of the house for relay races? Once the stray cat was gone, I conducted the dog out of the house for a walk.
See also: conduct, of, out

conduct someone away (from someone or something)

to lead someone away from someone or something. The usher conducted the gentleman away from the front of the auditorium. Can you conduct Fred away from the area? Please conduct him away.
See also: away, conduct

conduct someone into something

 and conduct someone in
to lead someone into something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman into the hall. The host was pleased to conduct in the guest of honor.
See also: conduct

conduct someone out of something

 and conduct someone out
to lead someone out of something or some place. The usher conducted the gentleman out of the hall. The cop conducted out the gang of rowdy youths.
See also: conduct, of, out
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Conduct audit risk assessments to identify risk levels and determine the appropriate level of product review and management involvement.
The conduct that falls within the ambit of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act must first of all be conduct that occurs because of one's sex.
The chemical industry takes seriously its central responsibility to conduct or fund research and testing of chemicals for use in the risk assessment processes.
Other times, the HR manager becomes excited about a job candidate and doesn't feel the need to conduct due diligence or background checks.
From the moment of the first phone call, the outside experts can work collaboratively with the corporate client to unravel complicated transactions, reconstruct events from incomplete or corrupt data, uncover vital evidence, identify potential claims, conduct internal investigations, advise on corporate governance issues, trace funds and assets, gather evidence and prepare reports, and testify regarding their findings.
If the teacher is interested, they may also be able to conduct their own research in their classroom .
getting 100 percent of executives and managers and as many frontline employees as possible to acknowledge the new code of business conduct and ethics by 31 Dec.
A well-defined code of conduct is one mechanism for communicating expectations about behavior.
It is important to review the written acknowledgements employees have signed as evidence that they have read the compliance plan and code of conduct.
Like many states, Arkansas conducts examinations only on domestic companies.
Many Americans do not want persons who openly engage in homosexual conduct as partners in their businesses, as scoutmasters of their children, as teachers in their children's schools, or as boarders in their homes," observed Justice Scalia.
At this special meeting the owners of more than 75% of the outstanding shares of the cooperative were present and voted, unanimously, to declare Pullman's conduct objectionable.
For instance, AllPoints Research conducts numerous in-depth telephone interviews and telephone focus groups on a variety of topics.
PLASTICS THAT CONDUCT Before the 1970s, plastics' closest association with electricity was as the insulation around electrical wires.
They should also be careful about using information drawn from the AICPA's Code of Professional Conduct Rule 102-2 on conflicts of interest, because Section 10.