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The researchers found that 1.3 percent of children have a current heart condition and 1.1 percent had a past heart condition (approximately 900,000 and 755,000 children, respectively).
Assessment: Each condition in the book includes the name of the condition, alternate names, description, causes, clinical presentation, symptoms, diagnosis, and management.
* a breakable connection between the fastening section and the target section which is broken to disconnect the fastening section from the target section when fastener is converted from the closed condition to the opened condition; and
Evidence would suggest that the average number of conditions is increasing due to a lack of pre-application talks between applicants and planning authorities, pressure on planning authorities to issue quick decisions and the preference on behalf of applicants to leave matters of detail until the principle of development has been agreed.
The second provides a point estimate by distributing predicted expenditures for jointly occurring conditions to constituent conditions.
Prior to heavy use of the Internet, a buyer might send a purchase order with the buyer's terms and conditions to a seller.
Especially of interest would be further research into the conditions that exhibit negative synergy potentials.
In other words, the court found a current obligation to repay subject to a condition subsequent.
The two molds were sand blasted, and the coating was applied according to the optimal conditions. The coating was first tested by pouring aluminium A356 at 1,350F.
After satisfying all of the five conditions, the BSA will assess the proposal for potential environmental impacts as well--in accordance with State Environmental Quality Act (SEQRA) and City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) procedures.
Robert Ross's Slaves to Fashion tells the story of the transformation from an America that had for all practical purposes banished the sweatshop to history books to one where hundreds of thousands labor under sweatshop conditions both abroad and at home.
To know the extent to which configurations and conditions show deviations from this, one needs to test a range of samples under different conditions to different strain levels.
National Transportation Safety Board hearings into the Southwest Airlines 737-700 that overran a runway at Chicago Midway last December concluded yesterday with attention focused on the pilots' calculation of stopping distance before landing and their decision to land in deteriorating winter conditions rather than divert to another airport, an option they discussed during flight.
Adjust the relief intervals accordingly, but make a gradual attempt--especially in the early part of the workout--to simulate game conditions with recovery intervals.
While most group disability policies include a provision that limits benefits paid for mental and nervous conditions, the definition of mental illness is often ambiguous.
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